In July 2011 Cape Farewell embarked on a month-long expedition by boat across the Scottish Islands, bringing the notion and experience of expedition home to the UK, with an exploration of island ecologies and cultures, and of the strategies for sustainable and resilient futures being implemented across the Scottish Isles. More ›

The Crew

The expedition crew of 40 includes island artists, storytellers, film makers, playwrights, architects, designers, musicians, community leaders, social scientists, ecologists, marine biologists, oceanographers, poets, acclaimed Gaelic singers and a chef.
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Video highlights

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An Dà Chuilitheann/ the two Cuillins

An Dà Chuilitheann Nach eil sinn àraid – Bha sinn a’ seòladh leinn mar chàraid Mun Eilean ‘s Rùm eadar an dà Chuilitheann, Còmhla ‘s gun a bhith le chèile ‘S mo shùil agam air beinn thall ‘s m’ ùidh air tèile Fad’ air falbh uam sna h-Alpaichean Juilitheann. Eilean Rùma 18-07-2011   the two... Read more ›

Tobermory waiting

Tobermory; waiting for the wind to come and then (hopefully) go so we can leave the Bay and head Small Isles-ward. Waiting isn’t bad though – a chance to chat, eat, chat some more. Is climate change happening? Is it man-made? Maybe it doesn’t matter if it is or it isn’t; if people’s lives are... Read more ›

Cheese Blog

By the time I’d finished quizzing him about his cheese making, Brendan Reade was slightly worried that I was involved in a spot of industrial espionage. Having made a fair bit of curd cheese in my time I have a rudimentary understanding of the cheese making process but having the chance to grill a real... Read more ›

Don Chaimbeulach/ for the Campbell one

Don Chaimbeulach Am bu tu, saoil, a dh’fhairich mi fhìn thall, A Mhaoilis chòir, a’ siubhal ri Rubha nan Gall Ri taobh a’ chaolais far an siùbhladh tu gu tric? Agus an taigh-solais bhuam agus, ri ràn, Gille-brìde, cleas a’ bhàird ri dàn ‘S e ‘g iolach a-mach gu h-àrd: Bi glic! Bi glic! Tobar... Read more ›

First sip of Scottish cocktail: Mull, Muck, Eigg & Rum

Chris Reed pulling a sample of the organically farmed, renewable energy fuelled cheese


Shot by Fiona Cunningham-Reid


Song of the Whale
I made a pact with myself last night. After spending the day seriously regretting my morning decision to not wash my hair on my one day in two that I can use Song of the Whales shower facilities, I told myself to make the most of the biodegradable washing soap that I have brought with... Read more ›

Dàn / fatepoem

Dàn Dàn an Eilein Mhuilich, Nach duilich, An t-Eilean Muileach. Is na bailtean a dh’fhàs bàn buileach A chunnaic mi bhuam thar Chaolas Mhuile Sa cheò sa mhadainn. Sin uile. Caolas Mhuile 16-7-2011     fatepoem the fatepoem of the Isle of Mull, hardsorry, the Isle of Mull. and the townvillagefarmhomes which wastegrewbecame fallowgroundvacantwhite perfectfrugaladvantagecompletely... Read more ›

In motion

Kenny Black, SAMS
The weather’s closing in, grey spray above and below, as we travel up the Sound of Mull to Tobermory. We’re all here, 12 artists and scientists and 3 crew, crammed, wedged and folded into our cabins on Song of the Whale, absorbing the practical details of life on a boat: sea toilets and life jackets,... Read more ›

Aisling / dreamnightmareaislingwomanvisionpoem

Aisling Eadar a bhith na seasamh gu buan Fad na tìde buileach baileach Agus fad aon tacain, Fon uisge mun chuan, Air na bacain Air talamh tioram, Aileach. Dùn Stamhanais 15-07-2011     dreamnightmareaislingwomanvisionpoem eitherbothbetween in its standing hardylonglasting the length of the tideweathertime perfectfrugaladvantagecompletely and the length of one littletacksupportminute, under the water-rain by... Read more ›

SAMS and marine snot

At SAMS (Scottish Association for Marine Science) we hear about the Cultural Centre for Algae & Protozoa and the discovery of Neolithic communities. We learn that the Western Isles will be a test area for high speed internet connections and begin to understand how bio-gas can be harvested from algae. We hear about a cold-water... Read more ›

Weather to ponder?

Ruth Little and the skipper of the Song Of The Whale Jim Compton contemplate the weather conditions before they depart from Oban.