Start Off Of “B’s” Voyage:D

By Doriana // Thursday 13 Sep // 18:23:42 // No Comments

hello To My Peeps!

Sorry I Didnt See The Queen In London, We Were Always Too Busy.

Well. i am now in Svalbard!! Reminds me of home! i mean the weather, not the mountains:( But Still Cool!

We Just Got In Today, Wednesday The 13th Of September.

We left London at 7pm, london time, so that would be 11 in the morning in chester.

We Went through Stolkholm Sweden, Where Abba And Matts Sunden Was Originally From. Then We Passed Through Oslo Norway and Tromso Norway. Now We’re Finilly In Longyearbine Svalbard!! Yay!”.

So We Are Now In A Youth Centre. Its awesome here, its like a house, it has a foos ball table, a pool table up stairs, couches, a tv, a Dj area, a room just to hang out, i guess, oh and a washroom:P.. And We Should Be Setting sail Tomorrow!, Were staying at a hotel, for tonight. It has lots of seal skins, seal skins almost every where!. Oh and we went to a museum. Most if not all of the animals here are like the ones from home, but they have raindeer, and we have caribou. Their raindeer are TINY!, i mean their fat, but they have short lags!, their like 4 feet tall to the

So, ill be answering you all, 20th of september, miss you all.



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