In August 2013 we set sail from Stromness on our second Sea Change expedition, aboard Lerwick community boat The Swan, with a crew of 27 artists, scientists and informers. More ›

The Crew

The expedition crew of 27 includes a wide range of scientific and creative folk.
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Video highlights

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Leaving Fair Isle

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Poet. Climate change.  Environmentalist.  Scientist. Carbon economy. (Ex-)soldier. Renewables. Conservationist.  Fishing quota.  Artist. Sustainability. Writer.  Everyday words susceptible to our own interpretation, predisposition and characterisation.   Words that can be polarising and divisive.  So what happens when you mix them with a few associated ingredients?  On the one hand there is the potential for an explosive... Read more ›


We raised from the moor dark slabs of peat lifted from the depths with our soiled hands and feet   Hard and fast upon the tusker before laying each to dry flat upon the heather, allowing wind and sky   To perform their part in our labours; placing them too in stacks beside which our... Read more ›


Sphagnum moss remembers. It recalls the touchdown of each lark that tumbles down upon its surface, the slightness of that weight recorded in the tendrils of each stem. It anticipates the appetites of flocks which graze upon that wasteland when the rare haze of summer-heat crisps heather. The constant tide and toll of weather. Snow... Read more ›