In August 2013 we set sail from Stromness on our second Sea Change expedition, aboard Lerwick community boat The Swan, with a crew of 27 artists, scientists and informers. More ›

The Crew

The expedition crew of 27 includes a wide range of scientific and creative folk.
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Video highlights

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Who is our Hercules?

Sofar crew 2 has been challenged by the elements, and one in specific; wind. In our (my) daily city life I never make decisions based on the elements. You can’t suddenly not go to that meeting if it rains (though you want to this is generally not accepted a a great argument) or not go... Read more ›


Part of my research, before heading up to (and subsequently down from) Shetland, was in to lighthouses, in particular the Lighthouses built by the Stevenson family from around 1787-1937 for the Northern Light House Board (NLB). The need for lighthouses grew mainly out of the need to stem the loss of cargo and shipping and... Read more ›

Last day on land

I’m in Scalloway, on the west side of the island of Shetland. I’ve never been to Shetland before, and what I hoped for is true. The landscape is mystical and there are Shetland pony’s. The last one I was REALLY looking forward to. Horses with small legs, few things in life are cuter than that.... Read more ›