In August 2013 we set sail from Stromness on our second Sea Change expedition, aboard Lerwick community boat The Swan, with a crew of 27 artists, scientists and informers. More ›

The Crew

The expedition crew of 27 includes a wide range of scientific and creative folk.
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Hot Water Vs The Internet

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Shetland wool socks

socks (blog post2)
On another visit to Scalloway museum, I spotted a beautiful pair of dark Shetland wool socks and was introduced to Emma, a 92 year old knitter, who was working away on some red knitted lace in the museum café.  She had made the socks many weeks before and created many knitted items for sale in... Read more ›

Replenish + Unision

replenish and reunion
Replenish Fill ( something up again) Restore ( something to a former level or condition ) To nourish, to fill with inspiration or power Unison Synchronised or simultaneous An instance of agreement or concord Stranded in Scalloway for the weekend due to bad weather, our expedition around the Shetland Isles in the Swan was slow... Read more ›

Fishing Lessons for Carbon?

Fishing in the North Sea
The Eurozone put limits on fishing back in the late 70s. The fish were running out, and fishermen – last of the hunters – became, in effect, farmers: unlimited catches are out, sustained resource management is in. The European quota system is imperfect – but it worked. Europe’s North Sea has ample stocks – while... Read more ›

Condenser Hydrophone

We were stuck in Scalloway Harbour for longer than expected due to bad weather so I thought I would try to build a higher quality hydrophone using a condenser microphone. Once all the connections had been soldered I housed the mic in a film canister full of olive oil and dipped it in plastic paint.... Read more ›

Who is our Hercules?

Sofar crew 2 has been challenged by the elements, and one in specific; wind. In our (my) daily city life I never make decisions based on the elements. You can’t suddenly not go to that meeting if it rains (though you want to this is generally not accepted a a great argument) or not go... Read more ›

Structural Integrity

Structures old. Memories lost in generations past. Weathered beyond repair. Their architectural meaning lost or changed. Abandonment occurred, of rock once fashioned in to human dwellings. Where once a fire burnt in the hearth bright, strong. Rain now pools. The insides of these roofless dwellings whipped by winds and hail. What stories exits in the... Read more ›


Part of my research, before heading up to (and subsequently down from) Shetland, was in to lighthouses, in particular the Lighthouses built by the Stevenson family from around 1787-1937 for the Northern Light House Board (NLB). The need for lighthouses grew mainly out of the need to stem the loss of cargo and shipping and... Read more ›

First sounds from my Piezo Hydrophone

Not having ever used a hydrophone (underwater microphone) before, I thought it would be fun to try to build one aboard the Swan and hear what the Shetland coastline sounded like. This ‘Piezo Hydrophone’ is built using a simple piezo pickup soldered to a guitar lead and dipped in plastic paint. My first test was... Read more ›

Showdown! Hydrocarbons versus Renewables!

Hydrocarbons vs Renewables ...
All ten of us – Cape Farewell’s crew – got to Shetland using fossil fuels: by plane, train, boat and car. Modern life runs on oil. Hydrocarbons 10, Renewables 0 Our  boat – the lovely 120 yr old Swan – was once a sail-powered herring boat, able to catch several ton of herring with nothing... Read more ›

Landscape Ingress

Before I left, I took the opportunity to go for a hike along the coast from Scalloway. As I was shooting photos I came to realise that I was looking at a landscape that in the main was untouched by human hands over a millennia. However every frame I shot, I noticed that each one... Read more ›

Nano Incursion

As I was hiking around the coast near Scalloway, I walked round the small bay by the Point of the Pund. There was a salmon farm there, and at first glance the area is magnificent in its drama and natural beauty.  One had to wonder what this tiny little insignificant cove’s narrative was.  I imagined... Read more ›