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Carbon 14 Day of Dialogue

The Changing Arctic Landscape

January 26, 2014, 1:00PM – 5:00 PM

Join Susan Aglukark, Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Andrew Weaver and other leading experts and stakeholders for an afternoon of high-level balanced discussion about the impacts of climate change on Inuit communities.

Production still, 'Deep Time', Melanie Gilligan and Tom Ackers (

Deep Time

Melanie Gilligan + Tom Ackers
The piece explores various economic practices which see the natural “wealth” of physical processes through the logic of finance. The symbiosis between human culture and the natural world is broken, with capitalist development eating away at its own material base.


The Potential Project

Mel Chin
Mel Chin has been working with the Saharawi to augment their goal of independence and a real means of self-determination by developing both their own currency “backed, not by gold or gas, but by the sun.”

This Clement World

This Clement World is a fiercely creative and charismatic tribute to our rapidly changing environment, as seen through the prism of Cynthia Hopkins’ deeply personal lens and wild cross-disciplinary style. Performed live with a 15-piece chorus and band, This Clement World blends outlandish fiction and original avant-folk songs with Hopkins’ own documentary footage from an Arctic expedition with Cape Farewell, infusing our global climate crisis with humour, poetics and urgency.

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Day of Dialogue

Participate in an afternoon of high-level balanced presentations and discussion about the impacts of climate change on Inuit communities with leading experts and stakeholders.

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