Posts from Monday 29 Sep

The Iceberg Dawn

The Ship is in pitch darkness now. The engine is turning over gently. Many of the crew are in their quarters. The captain is upon the bridge and the anchor is far below, in the beneath world, holding us tightly onto this one.

The ship protected by cupped hands of light awaits morning. From the sky we are a firefly caught upon a spiders web wafting in wind. Snowflakes flocks of white butterfly spirits released from under the clouds land on my shoulders. And as the they melt the sun smears itself on the back of the clouds who in turn spread her light equally across the sky. Morning has come.

Competition: Name that ARGO float

To follow in the grand Cape Farewell ARGO float naming tradition, we declare the competition to name “Arty Bob 2” now open. Suggestions welcome from far and wide (post them in the comment box below). Get your suggestions in by Wednesday 1st October. Top suggestions so far include: Titanic Bob, Broken Mike (ask anyone at the London launch) and Sarah Palin (Marcus’s suggestion that it would be fairly satisfying to throw Sarah overboard into Arctic waters and have her surface only once every 10 days).