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Shlomo’s Babelbox Podcast – Arctic Special


Listen to Shlomo’s new Podcast, recorded during the expedition. It features exclusive new material from Martha Wainwright, music from Feist, Jarvis Cocker and interviews with Marcus Brigstocke, Vanessa Carlton and Laurie Anderson.
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Mood swing tracks and Arctic tales

Jarvis and Martha

Sunday 26 October 2008, 5.30-7.30pm, BBC Radio 6
Jarvis Cocker keeps Stephen Merchant’s seat warm on BBC Radio 6 as he plays a shed load of great ‘mood swing’ tracks, plus Martha Wainwright performs live and David Buckland talks about Cape Farewell and the 2008 Disko Bay Expedition. The archive of this show is available on the BBC iPlayer until 2 November 2008.

The Wainwright’s (plus Ryuichi)

Investigating the affects of global warming - Some of the crew

Matt, Chris and Martha Wainwright – by strange coincidence over 15% of the crew were Wainwright’s (and weren’t related).

Hotel Uummannaq

Jarvis Cocker, Robyn Hitchcock, Martha Wainwright, KT Tunstall and Ryuichi Sakamoto
Jarvis Cocker, Robyn Hitchcock, Martha Wainwright, KT Tunstall and Ryuichi Sakamoto at Hotel Uummannaq.
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Martha Wainwright and Jarvis Cocker

Martha Wainwright and Jarvis Cocker

Change is really in the air

We’re just pulling out of Ilulissat harbour. It’s around three pm. I’m feeling a bit rough from last night at Murphy’s bar where the local band played for us and the talent of Cape Farewell returned the favor. This was our “night out” and it was out there in a great way. Ilulissat is a settlement in Disko Bay and it’s a pretty groovy town. With this group of great people we are leaving an impression as well as an imprint wherever we go and that’s the interesting part, being able to sing and disco dance in Disko Bay with some townsfolk of a Greenlandic village is really part of how things are, and will become more of, in this crazy technology filled and fast moving world. With travel and the ability to go most places there is a real change of how we see ourselves in the world, beyond being able to see and experience great things, a new relationship between us is being forged. The outdoor climate as well as the way we live on this planet together is changing. Change is really in the air, politically and socially as well as literally. It’s exciting and it’s something really worth being involved in. This is the stuff that can push us into real evolution of mind and how we exist.
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Martha Wainwright

Martha Wainwright. Photographer: Nathan Gallagher
Photo: Nathan Gallagher.

Martha Wainwright & Jonathan Dove

Martha Wainwright and Jonathan Dove
Martha Wainwright and Jonathan Dove on the front deck of the Grigoriy Mikheev as we head North towards Disko Bay.

Martha Wainwright, Keflavík Airport

Martha Wainwright at Keflavík Airport
Early morning and last minute emails are on the crew’s minds.