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Shlomo’s Babelbox Podcast – Arctic Special


Listen to Shlomo’s new Podcast, recorded during the expedition. It features exclusive new material from Martha Wainwright, music from Feist, Jarvis Cocker and interviews with Marcus Brigstocke, Vanessa Carlton and Laurie Anderson.
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World’s first Arctic beatbox battle

Shlomo prepares for the world's first Arctic beatbox battle. Photo: Nathan Gallagher
Shlomo prepares for the world’s first Arctic beatbox battle.

Glaciers, gigs and giggles

Oh my gosh I am in the Arctic. It’s my third day here and I am still a little overwhelmed. And cold. We just went out in a motorised dinghy and I saw my first ever glacier. As we approached this giant wall of ice, there was a sudden explosion, a loud crashing sound, followed by a mini avalanche and a minor tsunami as a large section of ice cracked off the glacier.
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Arctic beatbox

Shlomo dedicates his beats to the cause at Hotel Uummannaq. Video: Matt Wainwright.

Pleased to announce that I have finally arrived

Shlomo taking part in the climate change expedition in Greenland
Shlomo. Photo: Nathan Gallagher

Hi. Shlomo here. I am pleased to announce that I have finally arrived at Disko Bay. And I am totally shell shocked.

In the past 36 hours I’ve travelled from Moscow to the Arctic, with a quick stop off for a performance at Wembley Arena. Somehow I feel quite surprised to have actually arrived. I spent the whole of the last week trying not to visualise what the Arctic would be like, seeing as nothing ever turns out to be how you pictured it.

This seems to have left me a little unprepared for the combined experience of a a) seeing my first giant iceberg (the size of a small bus station) and b) being introduced to Jarvis Cocker, KT Tunstall and Laurie Anderson, all within 10 minutes. Definitely time for a peppermint tea break.
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Hello from Shlomo in Moscow

Hello. my name is Shlomo. I am a beatboxer who loves music, people and peppermint tea. Right now I am pretty excited to be going on an arctic adventure.

Shlomo in Moscow
Shlomo in Moscow

But I am not going yet. Right now I’m on the way back to London from Moscow. I am one of the 3 late comers who will be joining the rest of the crew a few days in.
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