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Hello. my name is Shlomo. I am a beatboxer who loves music, people and peppermint tea. Right now I am pretty excited to be going on an arctic adventure.

Shlomo in Moscow
Shlomo in Moscow

But I am not going yet. Right now I’m on the way back to London from Moscow. I am one of the 3 late comers who will be joining the rest of the crew a few days in.

When I was first invited on the trip, I was screwing: it clashed with an incredibly important gig (the culmination of a 6-month long commission at Wembley Arena). So I thought I would have to miss out. But the guys from Cape Farewell would not be defeated. Myself and Jude Kelly will be flying out, via Copenhagen, to meet the rest of the crew at the port of Ilulissat on Tuesday. I’m really excited about the trip – I’ve got myself some amazing mittens that feel like you are putting your hand into a warm room. I’ve also skipped my usual monthly head shaving. Surely I will need all the warmth I can get.

So Moscow to Wembley to Copenhagen to Greenland – I know that is a lot of miles in a plane. This is something that has been bothering me since I heard about the trip. We are going to be munching our way through a fair amount of resources on this mission. At the moment I don’t have an answer to this particular problem. I have no idea what the voyage will be like, so I’m here with no preconceptions, just to see what happens, and see what we can make happen.

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  1. Jan

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    Hi Shlomo,
    You have an opportunity which is in the realm of dreams for the rest of us. Go with the flow and send us your thoughts.