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Jarvis Cocker on the voyage

Jarvis Cocker speaks about the voyage, scraps, fjords, climate change and what he’s experienced. “I’ll never forget it that’s for sure…”

Cabin chaos

Cabin chaos (representing the general state of the boat). Matt Wainwright edits video for the website hours before we leave the Grigory Mikheev in Kangerlussuaq.

The Wainwright’s (plus Ryuichi)

Investigating the affects of global warming - Some of the crew

Matt, Chris and Martha Wainwright – by strange coincidence over 15% of the crew were Wainwright’s (and weren’t related).

Heroes and Thieves

Vanessa Carlton performs Heroes and Thieves, backed by Shlomo, on the bridge of the Grigory Mikheev as we return south to Kangerlussuaq.

Introducing Disko-very Bob

Emily Venables introduces Disko-very Bob, launched this morning from the boat and now the UK’s most northerly ARGO float. Over the next few years this remote unit will measure ocean temperature and salinity as it follows the West Greenland current, beaming back information every 5 days by satellite.

Deploying the Sparker

Carol Cotterill and Dave Smith deploy the sparker, which uses acoustic pulses to image the sea bed and sediments below the sea bed. Video: Matt Wainwright.

Arctic beatbox

Shlomo dedicates his beats to the cause at Hotel Uummannaq. Video: Matt Wainwright.

Painting a bigger picture

Marcus Brigstocke on ruined hedges and climate change fatigue.

Hello from David Noble

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David’s ‘Hello’ is a great summary of the aim of the voyage and the whole project and gives an insight of what is happening on board.
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Hold on

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KT wowed Cape Farewell-ers and Greenlanders alike during an impromptu performance at an Ilulissat bar called Murphy’s, backed by the local Disko Bay Blues.
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If the ice doesn’t melt and the water doesn’t freeze…

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Robyn Hitchcock opens Cape Farewell’s contribution to a night at Murphy’s Bar, Ilulissat with a modified version of ‘Cocaine’ – including some relevant lyrics ‘If the ice doesn’t melt and the water doesn’t freeze, it’s okay’, (well it’s not really…).
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Sailing through the ice field near the mouth of Ilulissat Kangia, Danish name Jacobshavn Glacier (silent clip).