Introducing Disko-very Bob

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Emily Venables introduces Disko-very Bob, launched this morning from the boat and now the UK’s most northerly ARGO float. Over the next few years this remote unit will measure ocean temperature and salinity as it follows the West Greenland current, beaming back information every 5 days by satellite.


  1. Robin Venables

    Posted Monday 6 Oct at 13:47 | Permalink

    Well done Pem.
    Do say thank you to everyone else once again for making being glued to the Internet for a week so much fun. I have read / watched / studied / listened to every single contribution. Many times.
    Safe journey home.
    XXX Dad.
    PS: best of luck with the Beatbox competition. Is this to be another “Icebergs” triumph?

  2. Andrew Mogg

    Posted Monday 6 Oct at 14:26 | Permalink

    Ditto what your dad said.