Change is really in the air

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We’re just pulling out of Ilulissat harbour. It’s around three pm. I’m feeling a bit rough from last night at Murphy’s bar where the local band played for us and the talent of Cape Farewell returned the favor. This was our “night out” and it was out there in a great way. Ilulissat is a settlement in Disko Bay and it’s a pretty groovy town. With this group of great people we are leaving an impression as well as an imprint wherever we go and that’s the interesting part, being able to sing and disco dance in Disko Bay with some townsfolk of a Greenlandic village is really part of how things are, and will become more of, in this crazy technology filled and fast moving world. With travel and the ability to go most places there is a real change of how we see ourselves in the world, beyond being able to see and experience great things, a new relationship between us is being forged. The outdoor climate as well as the way we live on this planet together is changing. Change is really in the air, politically and socially as well as literally. It’s exciting and it’s something really worth being involved in. This is the stuff that can push us into real evolution of mind and how we exist.

Our consumption is really vast and extreme but i have noticed here in the last couple of days that there is a real quality issue in our consumption of life and the goods we sell to ourselves. I’m lucky because i was invited here and i would never have questioned coming despite emitting carbon by doing so. It was just too great a thing not to do. Personally i feel as though the incredible and moving time that i have had on this boat so far will help me to lead a better life. I know that sounds cheesy but i think it’s true. Not only has it made my life better because of the great things i’ve seen but also because i am learning things that would be good to incorporate in to my life when i’m not traveling through the Arctic on a Russian vessel.

I must say that yesterday was one of the most action packed i have ever had and this whole trip has really presented to me a whole new sense of time and space. Never have I seen so many adults so happy at the same time. There were shouts of laughter and excitement when the humpback revealed itself to us without us even asking. The icebergs are ridiculously incredible, i can’t even get into it. Not only did we totally “do” the great town of Ilulissat but we fucking walked on and saw the most beautiful and intense part of the planet (probably because there isn’t a lot of people, and they’re mostly Greenlandic). It’s great to be here and i don’t think i will fully grasp the benefit for a while.

This post was published in the Independent on Friday 3rd October.


  1. Glenn Nuotio

    Posted Wednesday 15 Oct at 20:37 | Permalink

    Hello from Ottawa!

    What a great adventure.
    and a great idea.
    and a great blog. i’ve loved reading it. keeps my mind moving ahead I hope …

    I’m glad the trip was so inspiring and safe.
    Hope we’re in contact again soon!
    Tell your mom, bro and sis to go to Newfoundland and see icebergs whenever you want in the summer!


  2. cath stringer

    Posted Monday 3 Nov at 02:42 | Permalink

    Have just discovered your music and downloaded some videos you made for borders…liked rufus originally which led me to you and now you! Watched Graham Norton show and you sang and mentioned this trip…I just typed in your name and russian boat artic and so YOU have led me to this site…and spawned a greater environmental concern re: climate change in the process! So you worked! Quite apart from your own awareness you have inspired mine through your trip…AND I plan to buy your latest music! THANK-YOU!