Profile: Hannah Bird

 Hannah Bird

Project Coordinator
Hannah is a highly experienced project coordinator and researcher. For the last nine months she has been managing the Disko Bay expedition and working to make sure everything runs to plan.

Between 2005-2007 she worked in the Executive Office of Arts Council England, London driving internal cultural development projects and providing senior administrative support. Her proudest moments in the office were developing the office green (sustainability) policy and project managing the rehanging of the artwork displayed in the building. Hannah has been active in development psychology with recent research about the role of gesturing published in Developmental Science (2007). She has just successfully completed level 2 of British Sign Language and is hoping to start level 3 in September 2008.

Hannah now works as project coordinator at Cape Farewell, in particular managing the expedition programme and working on the website development, sustainability policy, fundraising and most importantly solving printer and IT problems.

Why work at Cape Farewell? Having been brought up by a family committed to environmental and social issues and developing a love and appreciation of the arts, Hannah truly believes that the arts and creative thinking hold the key to facilitating the cultural change needed to embrace and meet the challenge of climate change. The point at which artistic, social, political, economic, scientific and creative thinking cross is the point at which a true response to climate change will be embraced. Inspired by the Einstein quote ‘you cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking used to create the problem’, she helps the Cape Farewell team to do their bit. She believes no problem is insurmountable if you always carry a packet of sesame snaps.
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