Nature, were she you

Tags: Mojisola Adebayo

Mojisola Adebayo writing about the effects of climate change

I have sailed the farthest seas
from South to North
pole to pole.
I have seen the wild extremes of the world
beauty’s edge.
Would that the snow were as soft as your skin,
the icicles as clear as your eyes.
But that the rocks were as brave as your heart,
the glaciers as sharp as your mind,
your wit,
your smile,
your dress,
your stride.
Would that nature were you.
I would say “don’t ever change”,
I would sing “don’t let a thing rearrange you, stay…”
remain sustain that which makes you what you are,
would that you were nature.

I would watch I would catch every tear that melts from your face
and when you’re in floods I would be a barrier to the pain.
I would make you wet when your lakes run dry,
I would keep you cool and calm when your tides rise.
I would take the heat out of all the pressure,
meet your needs, find out your wants, what gives you pleasure.
I would dig deep to know what makes you grow.
Nourish you, cherish you, plant goodness inside you.
Stay close, give you space, give you space, stay close, not too hot, nor too cold.
I would boldy defend you, they wouldn’t dare trespass you.
I would never let anyone mess you up or around.
I would stop any man from cutting you down.
I would put my body between you and danger.
I would scream your name in righteous anger.
Worship you with my feet, my moves, my fingers, my mouth.
Protect you from all those who sew doubt.
I would consider how each of my actions affects you.
I would put aside destructive desires, for you.
I would be passionate, inventive, spontaneous, creative
and I would never ever take you for granted.
I would make the effort when I was tired
and when inevitably I fail – try to make it right,
take responsibility for what is mine,
and with tenderness, apologise.
Make up, make love, wake up, go to bed, feed you naked and fertile do it all over again.
I would refuse to let you die, there would be no end,
no extinction.
All this and more I would do,
if I loved nature
as I love you.

An Arctic Poem (in progress) by Mojisola Adebayo