About Cape Farewell

“Climate change is a reality. Caused by us all, it is a cultural, social and economic problem and must move beyond scientific debate. Cape Farewell is committed to the notion that artists can engage the public in this issue, through creative insight and vision. The Arctic is an extraordinary place to visit. It is a place in which to be inspired, a place which urges us to face up to what it is we stand to lose.”
David Buckland, 2007

Cape Farewell pioneers the cultural response to climate change. Working internationally, we bring artists, scientists and communicators together to stimulate the production of art founded in scientific research. Using creativity to innovate, we engage artists for their ability to evolve and amplify a creative language, communicating on a human scale the urgency of the global climate challenge. Cape Farewell is widely acknowledged to be the most significant sustained artistic response to climate change anywhere in the world.

Cape Farewell is a charitable organisation made possible through sponsorship, partnerships and donations. Please help support Cape Farewell and make a Carbon Zero Donation.

Visit the main Cape Farewell website for details of our expedition, art and youth programmes. You’ll also find more information on who we are, who we work with and how we work.