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Justifying bad behaviour

This morning I walked across the fresh snow with a gas cylinder in my arms, containing 6kg of CO2. I took it across the unspoiled snow field of the Jakobshavn Fjord until I found what, to my eyes, was a wonderful place.

From a little hill I could see massive icebergs impassably floating by, some of them breaking up from time to time with a loud bang. The sea below was deep grey, which made the icebergs stand up in all their beauty and fragility. The sky was a merge of pale grey and cerulean with a yellow glow just behind the skyline. Lichen and small berry plants could be felt under the powdery snow as I walked by. I thought this is perfect!
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Sailing through the ice field near the mouth of Ilulissat Kangia, Danish name Jacobshavn Glacier (silent clip).

Jarvis Day 3

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Watch as well Jarvis Day 1.

KT calling

Communicating to the rest of the world via KT Tunstall.

Danger, Danger: High Voltage

Carol explains the kit she’ll be using during the voyage – the sparker unit – which uses acoustic pulses to image the sea bed and sediments below the sea bed. The ship’s acoustics leads to some initial frustration, followed by success!

Jarvis Day 1

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The longest of long days

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Steaming through the fjord leaving Kangerlussuaq, the journey begins.
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