Post Expedition
Farewell Glacier
By: Nick Drake

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Post Expedition
To the ends of the Earth
By: Deborah Warner

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The Independent
Post Expedition
The clear white of the arctic mind.
By: David Buckland

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Post Expedition
DJ Spooky and David Buckland concert at Nuit Blanche, Toronto
By: voyager

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Daily Archives: September 17, 2010

Arctic Notes 5

The Ends of The Earth: 9/17/2010 When a man journeys into a far country, he must be prepared to forget many of the things he has learned, and to acquire such customs as are inherited with existence in the new[…..]

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At last, I had my first encounter with pteropods! This morning, I set off on the dingy with Nina and Aafke to search for them. I did a few plankton net trawls in Murchinson Fjord at Kinnvika Bay and I[…..]

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We woke up in Kinnvika fjord in the north west of Svalbard. From the deck, we saw low hinterlands scattered with snow, rising to peaks; and in the distance a thin white line of sea ice trapped by the wind[…..]

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Сложно тут думать

Сложно тут думать. Визуальность такая захлестывающая, что всякая внутренняя жизнь невозможна, все снаружи, и никакая, даже самая идиотская мысль не приходит в голову. Может быть это временно, а потом, через какое-то время эти горы, снега, осознание того, что ты на[…..]

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Chermisdeoya – Position N 80 degrees 31.774’ E 019 degrees 41.129’

We are at the most Northerly point of our expedition and, as it turns out, the furthest North that Cape Farewell has ever sailed. It’s just 560 nautical miles from here to the North Pole, but above us the sea[…..]

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Cape Farewell – The Word

Each Cape Farewell expedition has a cultural subtext. In 2008, it was music; in 2010 it is ‘The Word.’ Sailing along the nautical border of Russia only 580 miles from the North Pole, we have five Russians on board. This[…..]

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For the first time…

Я впервые в жизни бегала за оленями (и почти догнала их). Я впервые в жизни участвовала в ловле тераподов (и наловила целую банку). Я впервые в жизни измеряла pH, температуру, соленость и скорость морского течения (pH= 7.8, t = 0.5[…..]

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Day 22
By: Cynthia Hopkins

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Day 22
By: Marina Moskvina

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Day 22
Moon / Life on the Noorderlicht (according to cartoon)
By: Leonid Tishkov

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Day 22
Only moon greeting me …
By: Leonid Tishkov

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