Post Expedition
Farewell Glacier
By: Nick Drake

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Post Expedition
To the ends of the Earth
By: Deborah Warner

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The Independent
Post Expedition
The clear white of the arctic mind.
By: David Buckland

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Post Expedition
DJ Spooky and David Buckland concert at Nuit Blanche, Toronto
By: voyager

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DJ Spooky

Arctic Notes 9 – 9/26/2010

Arctic Rhythms: Ice Music Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky The Arctic System Whosoever will be an enquirer into Nature let him resort to a conservatory of Snow or Ice. Francis Bacon OK – so here I am in the[…..]

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DJ Spooky at Monaco Glacier

Paul Miller (AKA DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid) is a peripatetic New York-based writer, artist and musician. Active globally, he has been DJing around the world since 1995. When not scaling glaciers and circumnavigating Arctic fiords, as he has been[…..]

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Arctic Notes 8 – 9/25/10

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Glacial Arktic Sketch, audio file Arktos Free-verse (scientific style!!!) “One day differed very little from another on board the ship, and the description of one is, in every particular of any importance, a[…..]

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Arctic Notes 7: Circles within Circles

“The regions around the North Pole – well, yes, the North Pole itself – had attracted me from childhood, and here I was at the South Pole. Can anything more topsy-turvy be imagined?” Roald Amundsen, The South Pole (1912) The[…..]

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Rock concert

Video by Matt Wainwright.

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Arctic Notes 5

The Ends of The Earth: 9/17/2010 When a man journeys into a far country, he must be prepared to forget many of the things he has learned, and to acquire such customs as are inherited with existence in the new[…..]

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Arctic Notes: 4

“Nowadays everyone knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” Oscar Wild Today I write to you from the Noorderlicht after we’ve left a deeply barren island that’s pretty much the most northern part of our journey. The[…..]

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Arctic Notes: 09/14/10

Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone. John Maynard Keynes Yesterday we visited Magdelene Fjord and checked out Gullybryn Glacier. It was a[…..]

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Arctic Notes 09/13/10

“how can I know what I think till I see what I say” E.M. Forster Here in the far North, weather conditions can change rapidly. A crystal clear day can be erased by cumulus, grey fogs drift into bays and[…..]

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Arctic Notes 09/12/10

“I had started on a voyage of discovery, only to find that it was I who was being discovered.” – Tété-Michel Kpomassie in An African In Greenland The Arctic Circle begins at roughly 66° 33’ N but due to a[…..]

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Day 22
By: Cynthia Hopkins

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Day 22
By: Marina Moskvina

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Day 22
Moon / Life on the Noorderlicht (according to cartoon)
By: Leonid Tishkov

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Day 22
Only moon greeting me …
By: Leonid Tishkov

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