The Silver Bullet

David Buckland + Tom Rand

Silver, 2013
Roloff Beny Gallery, ROM Level 4


The Silver Bullet by David Buckland and Tom Rand.

According to European folklore, only a silver bullet can kill the un-natural monsters that threaten to devour us all.

David Buckland and Tom Rand’s bullet is cast in pure silver and has a material value of about $180. In 2007, the Canadian National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy stated that Canada needs to put a price on carbon emissions of $180+ per tonne, over time, a price that would be a real game changer in controlling climate change successfully.*

“We need to stop using our atmosphere as an open sewer. When dealing with other waste treatment issues we are prepared to pay the price of treatment. The price on CO2 emissions needs to be high because the cost of climate change is immeasurable.” – David Buckland

* Getting to 2050: Canada’s Transition to a Low-emission Future, The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) report, 2007.

David Buckland

David Buckland is an artist, filmmaker, writer, and curator. His work is included in major permanent collections in London, Paris, and New York. He produced the films, Art from the Arctic, 2006 for the BBC and Burning Ice for Sundance, 2010. In 2001, David created and now directs the international Cape Farewell project.

Tom Rand

Tom Rand is a green entrepreneur, investor, advisor, public speaker, and author. His ambition is to help bring clean technology to life. Tom is the Managing Director of the privately-backed MaRS Cleantech Fund I L.P., a Senior Advisor at the MaRS Discovery District; a co-developer of Planet Traveler, the “greenest hotel in North America”; and the author of Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit: 10 Clean Technologies to Save Our World.

Informer Text

A Price on Carbon

Tom Rand
Author of Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit.

Carbon pricing only works if it’s high enough to reduce demand for fossil fuels. Otherwise, it’s just a higher price for business as usual. But it doesn’t have to cost taxpayers a dime! Every penny collected in CO2 pricing can be returned to taxpayers by lower income or sales tax. People who choose to live a high carbon lifestyle get poorer, but those who don’t get richer. The best part is that a price on carbon effects every transaction in a market economy – from people choosing new shoes, to banks financing power plants – instantly. It’s the single most effective weapon in a market economy. Trying to tackle climate change without a price on carbon is like playing hockey without a stick. Hopeless.

This Clement World

This Clement World is a fiercely creative and charismatic tribute to our rapidly changing environment, as seen through the prism of Cynthia Hopkins’ deeply personal lens and wild cross-disciplinary style. Performed live with a 15-piece chorus and band, This Clement World blends outlandish fiction and original avant-folk songs with Hopkins’ own documentary footage from an Arctic expedition with Cape Farewell, infusing our global climate crisis with humour, poetics and urgency.

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Day of Dialogue

Participate in an afternoon of high-level balanced presentations and discussion about the impacts of climate change on Inuit communities with leading experts and stakeholders.

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