The volume of one tonne of CO2

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Global warming installation by Sunand Prasad

During the voyage I am working on two projects. The first is to put up in a suitable and sheltered spot further north, four balloons such that a volume of 540 m3 is delineated between their tether lines: the volume of one tonne of CO2; the average emission per person per month in the UK. Within a few years we must make that same amount last 6 month.

Lun’art by Creatmosphere

Sunand Prasad's climate change installation in The Arctic

CO2 balloons floating in The Arctic


  1. Gorm

    Posted Friday 3 Oct at 11:29 | Permalink

    This, is amazing, I am looking forward to seeing more pictures from this.

  2. Duncan

    Posted Tuesday 21 Oct at 14:38 | Permalink

    A very elegant example of the fusion of science and art

  3. Kathy

    Posted Friday 30 Jan at 18:44 | Permalink

    If you’re in London next Friday (6 Feb 2009, 5.30–9.30pm) a group of Chelsea College of Art & Design students are going to respond to and recreate this work. “Greenhouse Gas by Sunand Prasad will be presented at the Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Art & Design to coincide with Cape Farewell’s Late at Tate event”.