New songs and shifting practice

Tags: David Buckland, Emily Venables, Jarvis Cocker, Joe Smith, KT Tunstall, Podcast, Video

David Buckland and KT Tunstall discuss personal responses to the voyage, being in an Arctic environment, new songs, shifting practice and engaging with climate change as an artist.


  1. paddy

    Posted Saturday 18 Oct at 07:03 | Permalink

    There seems a sense of transition, as that of going from abstracted ideal into practical realism, as if it is possible for an artist to be initiated by such acts of immersion. Sometimes these initiations can seem to crystallize a person to more powerfully resonate aspirations in ways that better make a difference. Can a person who plays “The Or Game” more quickly converge to the chance of living in some greater congruence between inner abstractions and outer realities? Maybe such quests is where inspiration may be found, as that found in a song for the outnumbered hero who fights for his children’s balance, or as within the alternations between waves of artistry as when the artist can immerse in ways that better enable creation. Maybe such inspirations come as reward, as an affirmation in some way to such strivings.

  2. Xime

    Posted Wednesday 3 Dec at 05:27 | Permalink

    KT!, lovely trip you’ve made. I not only admire you as an artist, but also as the great person that you are. You’re concerned about the environment, and willing to do whatever is in your hands to help our planet. I wish people were more like you.

    PS: you rocked in Argentina, I was stunned by your performance, absolutely speachless. In fact, I could hardly speak when I approached to you after the show. Please COME BACK!.