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Late Breaking Dispatch

Snapshots as of 10:35 pm (boat time)
In the open sea west of Greenland, 71 degrees latitude

In each town there are wooden houses painted Bahamas hot pink, primary blue, creamsicle orange, cherry red, canary yellow, fluorescent green… scattered across rock hills climbing up from the black sea. A local boy who, seeing all the cameras (there are people taking pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pictures of the ice, all being filmed by people taking film of the people taking pictures of people) took off his shoes on the beach and ran into a long thin creek reaching out the sea, breaking the thin film of ice with his bare feet. All of a sudden pretending not to see the cameras, kicking up water at his little brother, they ambled off down the beach. A little speaker around his neck playing tin-y distorted rap, staccato syllables whipped away by the wind coming off the meringue topped icebergs standing silent just off the shore. Black meat hanging on nails outside wooden shacks. Dogs are chained up on the rocky hills between the houses howling together from every edge of town like the call to prayer, and outnumber the people behind the coloured doors. We walk around like time travelers in our winter space suits while the locals skid by in runners and t-shirts.
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Feist and Simon Boxall on CBC this Friday

Leslie Feist and Dr Simon Boxall feature on the Q Show CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) this Friday 3 October, 10 am (note: Toronto is 5 hours behind UK time). Listen to the podcast on the CBC website.