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Greenlandic dogs

Greenlandic dogs, bred with wolves and used for pulling hunting sledges, howl above the town of Ilulissat. Audio by Vicky Long.

Climb at Ilulissat Kangia

The group climbs Little Eqi at the mouth of the glacier named Ilulissat Kangia (Danish name – Jacobshavn Glacier). Audio by Vicky Long.

Surveying the seabed

The BGS experience difficulty surveying the seabed. Carol Cotterill describes how this feels. Audio by Vicky Long.

Looking back 450,000 years

Audio from the archive – listen to Carol Cotterill talking about Greenland ice core samples and looking back 450,000 years in time. I recorded this clip on the East Coast of Greenland during the 2007 Art/Science expedition.