Eyeballs can go pop

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On top of my warmies, I’m bringing to Greenland with me a cough, a cold and some congestion. My pharmasaviour advised I take some decongestant before I hit the skies. I did. It wore off about just before I hoped it would. As the plane initiated its descent, I had some serious head pains. It kind of felt like my eyeballs were going to explode. There was definitely one of blood, sweat or tears coming from them. I got another decongestant down with a dry swallow, leaned back in my chair and prayed my little sudafeds were of the fast relief variety. Minutes later, I’m all right.

Today, on our way from Iceland to Greenland, I realized my ‘feds are locked away in my stowed luggage. Shit. I took one hours earlier, but the flight to Greenland is 3 hours 10 minutes, and it would for sure wear off just before I would hope for. Just in the nick of time, Miss Hannah, the start Cape Farewell expedition organizer, saved the day. She had some ‘feds of her own, and she was happy to share. We were at 64°46’N, 27°45’W, heading 292°. In other words, heading west, somewhere off the coast of Greenland.


  1. clare twomey

    Posted Saturday 27 Sep at 14:11 | Permalink

    Tracker tell us about the journey! tell us about the views. Hows the best book-binder in Britain finding the perils of the Arctic journey . Thinking of you all and grinning from ear to ear with excitement. x clare

  2. Danielle

    Posted Saturday 27 Sep at 19:50 | Permalink

    Davey, if mama reads this you are going to be grounded for not going to see the doc. Is your name stupid? Hope you are feeling better little brother. Expedition sounds incredible. Post more pics…Jack and Abbey want to see more photos.

    Note from Jack:

    Hi Uncle D. I hope you are doing well in the arctic. is it really cold there? did you see a polar bear or any penguins? I love you, from Jack.

  3. Barbara

    Posted Saturday 27 Sep at 22:34 | Permalink

    So fantastic to see the photos, and as I sit here in my cold little London Flat (thinking what a California wuss am I?) I can feel your excitement and your passion and know that you have already bonded with each other in this extraordinary journey you embark upon. You amaze me! the whole lot of you! Will try to send biscuits! Special hug to Ms. Little.

  4. Huw

    Posted Monday 29 Sep at 12:05 | Permalink

    Hope you are feeling better. Haven’t seen any blog the last few days form the blogger so a little worried if your eyeballs have gone pop and cannot see the screen.

    Good luck with the rest of the trip and yes Mika and I would defintely like to see Sakamoto-san when he’s in Tokyo! :)

  5. golly

    Posted Wednesday 1 Oct at 02:28 | Permalink

    hi, david!we are excited to hear from you about this journey.keep on blogging. we hope to do a feature of you and this event in our uclaw.org web site which we are relaunching oct. 2.