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Shit. I am in Iceland,  with photographers, painters, composers, lyricists, musicians and scientists. We are all  travelling en route to the Arctic to experience Climate Change.   Fifty percent of us know exactly why they are here. They have projects to work on and numbers to crunch. And the other fifty percent? Guess which one I am in? But am I missing something, it’s climate and it’s changing.  Don’t we experience climate change wherever we are:  Paris, New York  or London.  Nature is by virtue, everywhere, so why the Arctic and why artists?

David Buckland explains it much better than I. It has something to do with Cultural Change. “Artists are a on the front-line of cultural change” he says “Think the 1960’s and  the influence of the artists”. I think of the Andy Warhol exhibition at The Hayward Gallery. The Arctic exemplifies the effects of Climate Change as  the edge of a  shadow exemplifies the sharpness of  light.

We slept overnight in a hotel in Iceland and flew another three hours to Greenland where the ship awaits off the coast. Zodiac dinghy boats speed towards us skidding off the top of the waves:  We’re off.

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  1. Judy Kendall

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    Artists are on the frontline of climate change, but how do we get to the Arctic if we are not Lemn Sissay?