In-flight science

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Carol Cotterill and Quentin Cooper talk science with Jarvis Cocker on the flight to Greenland

Well after an eventful trip out here including radar problems at London delaying our flight by 4 hours leaving us with 2 minutes to spare before Heathrow stopped all outgoing flights for the night (bit of a close shave that one), and luggage chaos as 43 people and 1500kgs of kit descended on 3 airports in 24 hours, we’ve made it! Whilst on the small plane from Iceland to Greenland, numerous photographs were taken of the eastern Greenland coast moving up over the icecap itself.

The fantastic aerial views of the glaciers feeding down from the icecap provoked a multitude of questions about glacier behaviour, stress and strain distributions and icecap thickness and age. A quiet discussion with a few people about the above questions soon resulted in filming and recording by both the American film crew and Quentin Cooper from Radio 4.

On the flight to Kangerlussuaq
David Buckland, interviewed mid-flight (from all sides)


  1. Suba

    Posted Friday 3 Oct at 09:32 | Permalink

    Hey Q and the gang,

    Have a fantastic last few days. It sounds incredible so far. Can’t wait to hear all your stories.
    Miss you.
    S x

  2. Admirer of 3 people in this photo

    Posted Friday 20 Apr at 19:25 | Permalink

    Carol Cotterill, Quentin Cooper and Jarvis Cocker. Three excellent people – hope you all had a great trip.