One day to go

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And so we are down to one day to go. At Cape Farewell HQ we are busy answering the random questions and questioning the random answers! It seems that nine months of preparation have gone all too quickly and we’re counting down the hours and not days or months to departure. Our launches are launched and so we set sail.

Why are we taking this group of artists, scientists, musicians, comedians, architects and more to the Arctic?

The simple answer is to inspire all who journey with us to respond to the changing climate, to witness first hand the changes to the environment occurring in the Arctic and allow our crew to partake in real scientific research with our two onboard science crews.

We will be visiting the Jakobshavn Glacier, one of the fastest moving glaciers in Greenland, losing 20 millions tons of ice every day. The Arctic really is at the front line of climate change, the ice flow should be slowing down for the winter, but recent reports suggest it isn’t – scientists have been shocked by the speed of the recent ice loss we are experiencing.

The long answer is slightly more complicated but arrives at the same conclusion, Sir David King said in a recent speech that ‘The most brilliant minds should be directed to solving Earth’s greatest challenge’. To face the global challenge that, through our actions, climate change has brought us, involves the input of brilliant minds from every discipline, our office motto is Einstein’s quote ‘You cannot solve the problem using the same kind of thinking that created the problem’. We must all think and innovate our way out of this current scenario and this is our aim, by bringing together this eclectic group of creative individuals, we are taking the best of our creative minds right into the heart of the debate.

My job is to make sure that everyone takes from this experience what they can, it really is the catalyst for collaborations, for creative ventures, for engagement, for action, for inspiration, for change. During the trip and on our return we will work with the crew to produce work and allow them to respond in the way they want to and know how. During the expedition you can follow us live via the website, ask us your questions and get involved.


  1. James

    Posted Thursday 25 Sep at 10:28 | Permalink

    Good luck everyone. Hope it all goes well and look forward to reading your posts from the boat!!!


  2. Phil Gevaux

    Posted Thursday 25 Sep at 16:26 | Permalink

    Good luck Hannah. The girls expect a slide show upon your return. This is a great project. I hope it has a big impact. Px

  3. dennis and sue

    Posted Friday 26 Sep at 09:07 | Permalink

    Indian summer at last!Hope the snacks last-hope you are all as excited as usCant wait to see the photos and hear the inside story.I will get some funny looks on the coach to ot tomorrow-whers Hannah ‘Oh shes in Greenland on a boat!” Love and besrt wishes-from the oldies and guess who typed this?

  4. Margaret Gibson

    Posted Friday 26 Sep at 18:16 | Permalink

    Wow! How exciting for you all – good luck everyone and we in Barnet shall all enjoy reading your updates!

  5. piera and sue

    Posted Friday 26 Sep at 19:12 | Permalink

    Hi dad and gang! how has boat arrival gone – well done for achieving take off, seems like everyone else at heathrow had a nightmare. alls same at home – pretty sunshine for me and mum wich is good. anyhow obver to the mother – big kisses

    both of us at the studio flash jamming, help. just read sunand very strong and opptimistic about our strengths. a big differance to the dolorous dollar and base bush. love to all buzz