Technical Hitches

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For the science team, Sunday was a day that we’d rather forget, so I’ll keep it quick. Whilst the rest of the group went ashore to visit a Greenlandic settlement and even see an iceberg tip over, we were sat in a container full of dysfunctional kit! The geophysics side managed to get all theirs working, only to find that the ship was too noisy to hear the sea bed returns and the Oceanography side failed to get the software to read the data from the CTD. It wasn’t all that bad though, plenty of hope, and a Marcus who can always be relied upon to cheer us up! Have a look at the previous days…

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  1. Dad

    Posted Tuesday 30 Sep at 18:33 | Permalink

    Hi Pem,
    Everything is fine here but life IS revolving round the latest Disko blogs, thank you all for keeping us all informed, entertained, amused, awestruck and dumbfounded.
    I hope the CD does its stuff because I guess you have little need of bird scarers up there:-)
    PS: they make rubish frisbees too.