Post Expedition
Farewell Glacier
By: Nick Drake

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Post Expedition
To the ends of the Earth
By: Deborah Warner

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The Independent
Post Expedition
The clear white of the arctic mind.
By: David Buckland

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Post Expedition
DJ Spooky and David Buckland concert at Nuit Blanche, Toronto
By: voyager

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The Moon

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Plain Sailing

We’re 100 nautical miles out to sea, having sailed all night to reach the centre of the West Spitsbergen Current. At intervals through the journey, oceanographer Simon Boxall has been measuring the temperature and salinity of the water. The entire[…..]

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Arctic Notes 9 – 9/26/2010

Arctic Rhythms: Ice Music Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky The Arctic System Whosoever will be an enquirer into Nature let him resort to a conservatory of Snow or Ice. Francis Bacon OK – so here I am in the[…..]

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14th July Glacier

Sunday 26th September. We are having a gentle day at the rather surprisingly named 14th July Glacier. A day at the beach with ice instead of sand. Everyone has something they want to play at. We all do our own[…..]

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Macro Micro

Most evenings, we have a lecture from one of the scientists or artists explaining their profession and the reason for being on this expedition. Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez gave us a very interesting presentation on ocean acidification. Debora studies microscopic plant cells[…..]

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II I witness ice absorbed by the sea feeding her body of water warming current events on a bed she curtsies with the wind – swoons by the moon she rises and falls over again she resists – giving only[…..]

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Arctic Notes 8 – 9/25/10

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Glacial Arktic Sketch, audio file Arktos Free-verse (scientific style!!!) “One day differed very little from another on board the ship, and the description of one is, in every particular of any importance, a[…..]

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September 16th, 2010 Today we hoisted the sails for the first time and I fell in love with sailing: the ropes and pulleys, the way we had to all work together to lift up those massive sails bit by bit,[…..]

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Был такой советский фильм “Дети капитана Гранта” по одноименному роману Жюля Верна. Главную роль там сыграл мальчик Яша Сегель. Может, еще кто-то помнит, как он лихо взбирается на верхушку мачты по веревочной лестнице и поет звонким голосом “А ну-ка песню[…..]

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The Defloidrise on Monaco glacier

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Day 22
By: Cynthia Hopkins

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Day 22
By: Marina Moskvina

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Day 22
Moon / Life on the Noorderlicht (according to cartoon)
By: Leonid Tishkov

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Day 22
Only moon greeting me …
By: Leonid Tishkov

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