Post Expedition
Farewell Glacier
By: Nick Drake

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Post Expedition
To the ends of the Earth
By: Deborah Warner

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The Independent
Post Expedition
The clear white of the arctic mind.
By: David Buckland

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Post Expedition
DJ Spooky and David Buckland concert at Nuit Blanche, Toronto
By: voyager

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Cynthia Hopkins

Performance & Music Artist, New York Cynthia is a writer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and theater artist. She creates and performs unique multi-media performance pieces which intertwine truth and fiction and have won her a host of awards, including the 2007 Alpert[…..]

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Matthew Clark

Creative Director of United Visual Artists and Digital Artist, London Matthew Clark is one of the founding members of United Visual Artists. Established in 2003, UVA are an art and design practice based in London. UVA produce immersive and responsive[…..]

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Beth Kapusta

Writer/Critic, Toronto Beth Kapusta is a Canadian writer and architecture critic. Her work as an architectural journalist includes over 100 newspaper and magazine articles, and interviews with top international architects. She has been involved in numerous projects and competitions that[…..]

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DJ Spooky

Musician/Conceptual Artist/Writer, New York Paul D. Miller is a conceptual artist, writer, and musician working in New York. Paul is most well known under the moniker of his “constructed persona” as “DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid”. He has recorded a[…..]

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Joy Guillemot

World Health Organisation, Public Health and Environment, Geneva DrPH candidate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore Joy is an ecological anthropologist and environmental health scientist. She is completing a PhD at Johns Hopkins and works at the[…..]

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Dr. Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez

National Oceanography Centre, Southampton Debora is a biological oceanographer working at the National Oceanography Centre of the University of Southampton. She is interested in the way the oceans respond to human perturbation and is currently researching the impact of increasing[…..]

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Dr. Simon Boxall

National Oceanography Centre, Southampton Simon is a lecturer in Oceanography at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, and Cape Farewell’s science coordinator. He has monitored ocean environments worldwide in force 11 gales and in complete calm, from the air, space and[…..]

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Matt Wainwright

Cameraman, London Matt works as a cameraman and videographer. His main body of work is television documentary, with subjects centred between art, fashion and music. Matt throws himself into new projects with full enthusiasm, and is very excited by the[…..]

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Nina Horstmann

Cape Farewell Project Co-ordinator, London Nina has worked at Cape Farewell for over two years and this is her first expedition. She is project manager of a number of Cape Farewell initiatives, including the voyage and Cape Farewell’s new international[…..]

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Ruth Little

Associate Director of Cape Farewell and Writer Ruth is an associate director of Cape Farewell, a theatre and dance dramaturg, and a writer. She lectured in English literature at the University of Sydney, and was literary manager at the Royal[…..]

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Day 22
By: Cynthia Hopkins

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Day 22
By: Marina Moskvina

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Day 22
Moon / Life on the Noorderlicht (according to cartoon)
By: Leonid Tishkov

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Day 22
Only moon greeting me …
By: Leonid Tishkov

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