About Cape Farewell

Cape Farewell brings artists, scientists and educators together to bring about long-term change in cultural attitudes towards climate change
Created by artist David Buckland in 2001, Cape Farewell has lead three expeditions to the High Arctic, the frontline of climate change. From these expeditions has sprung an extraordinary body of artwork, a film co-produced by the BBC, Cape Farewell’s first major book title, educational resources for GCSE Geography and Science and a UN award winning website. The project is widely acknowledged to be the most significant sustained artistic response to climate change anywhere in the world.

This September Cape Farewell launches two new expeditions to the Arctic, its first ever Youth Expedition and its fourth Art Science Expedition.

Cape Farewell Residency at the Southbank

Cape Farewell has recently taken up a three-year residency at Southbank Centre, operating as a cultural eco-hub at the heart of the centre’s creative climate change initiatives.

Southbank Centre and the Eden Project are Cape Farewell’s two major UK partners, 2007-10. Cape Farewell will present work at both sites over the next three years and play a vital part in the development of their creative and environmental agendas. At this critical time for the planet, Cape Farewell is also collaborating with an expanding group of partners, including the British Council and Barbican Art Gallery, to deliver its work to a national and international audience.

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