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During the voyage this page was open to post questions, comments and messages of support direct to the crew in the Arctic. Browse the hundreds of messages received below…


  1. Guido Friday 5 Oct, 2007 // 13:28:57

    What fantastic photographs….and they only show the tiniest fraction of what you have seen and expeienced. I had been thinking (whilst you were all being tossed around the ocean last week) that being tied to a desk doing my PhD was probably more pleasant….but having seen some of the scenery I think you have the better deal!
    Best wishes to you all. Hope you have another good couple of days there (don’t get stuck in any ice….), and the last leg of your voyage goes smoothly.

  2. Becky Shaw Friday 5 Oct, 2007 // 14:33:01

    To the Cape Farewell team, the crew and to all of the artists on board the Noorderlicht, just to say we are thinking of you all and look forward to hearing about your adventures upon your return. From all at the Southbank Centre! xx

  3. Ben Slowdown Friday 5 Oct, 2007 // 14:45:18

    Frosto! hope its all going well, it sounds like your having a hardcore time. Catch me a delicious bass! ben x

  4. janet schroeder Friday 5 Oct, 2007 // 20:24:27

    Ben- It is so great to see pics of you (and everyone!). You all look so happy and healthy and ALIVE!
    I will send you a Red Sox update after tonight’s (fri) 8:30pm ET game against LA. As you know they are 1-0 in the series. Yankees lost 12-3 to Cleveland in their first match up last night. Philly is 0-2 against Colorado and Cubs are 0-2 against D-backs.

    I look so forward to seeing you on the 17th to work some–but you know I have to hear about this trip of a lifetime first!! I can’t wait to say congratulations!! You are ALL just amazing to me!

  5. Angela and Dick Jervey Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 4:47:44

    Hey Ben, Sox 6 Angels 3… Papi walked intentionally with Lugo on second in the bottom of ninth. Manny with a walk off!!! Sox up 2 games to nil. Indians lead Yankees in series by same margin. Love you, Dad

  6. Alan & Annie W Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 9:01:34

    There’s an additional piece on the Telegraph website ‘The comic who went out in the cold’; it appears, slightly abbreviated, in the Saturday ‘Travel’ section.

    Best wishes to all, and thanks for the continuing fascinating reports.

  7. janet schroeder Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 10:09:18

    Red Sox beat Angels (6-3) in second game (over 4 hrs long) of series…tied 3-3 in bottom of the ninth— Manny R hit HUGE three run walk off Homer!

  8. Annie Wainwright Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 16:40:51

    Hi Matt,Up till now I have been discouraged from writing anything too ‘mumsy’! However, as you are nearing the end of this epic journey/amazing adventure I must tell you how proud we are of you and the way you appear to coped out there(along with all the other sons and daughters). You will have made firm friendships during this life changing experience. We feel as if we know some of them too having followed their highs and lows. Looking forward to hearing and seeing everything. Much love and best wishes to all there and to their families with whom we feel we have shared the last couple of weeks. Love Mum xx

  9. Josh On Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 17:27:48

    I imagine that you are all used to living in close quarters now, and will need some help returning to land life – Amy I am preparing the small room and getting a water bed for the transition period.

    Polar bears AND Northern lights – I am officially envious now! I hope the final passage across to Iceland is smooth and full of narwhales.


  10. henry brigstocke Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 18:05:14

    Stuck it to the Aussies in the rugby… get in! Hope that everything is still going well. Thinking of you lots and enjoyed the ice headbutt. Strong form… Looking forward to seeing you when you get back. Good luck for your last few days!
    PS I hope that you have not managed to ruin any of the important research that has been going on

  11. Fay Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 21:42:59

    Hello Liam, hope you are enjoying all those wondrous experiences and visions that we can only dream about. Dont be homesick..we’ll see you soon. Just listening to your lovely makes me smile.

  12. Kellie Gutman Monday 8 Oct, 2007 // 1:23:46

    Dear Vikram, we await your blogging!
    Each day we check Cape Farewell’s site
    to learn how one and all are slogging
    through gale-force winds and dicey white
    fast-freezing seas… and then tranquility:
    some northern lights, some ship stability,
    some time for science and for art,
    until from Greenland’s shore you’d part.
    Across the Denmark Strait, now heading
    for Iceland’s port and journey’s end,
    you’ve just a few days left to spend
    aboard this ship. With no more dreading
    ferocious winds, it’s time to cruise
    and have a chat with your sweet muse.

    — Kellie Gutman

  13. Angela and Dick Jervey Monday 8 Oct, 2007 // 2:50:10

    Ben: Sox 9- Angels 1. The big Schill obviously came through. Manny and Papi hit back to back taters early, but a seven run eighth clinched it. Yankees won to go to game four. We are having a great time. Marcus had indicated in his blog that you were heading out into the strait toward Iceland. We hope the waters are kinder to you all this time out. Love, Mom and Dad

  14. Akash Monday 8 Oct, 2007 // 9:30:08

    Wont be able too the media is going wild
    We hope that someday we can all meet again from both voyages and maybe the crew at a reunion.
    Gert-Does he miss 3rd mate me and does he miss me steering
    Anna- I miss your food
    Renska & Barbra- The knots and hosting the sails training has come to good use.
    See you all soon
    p.s which cabin did Marcus get

  15. Rae Pinx Monday 8 Oct, 2007 // 18:15:09

    Hey!….this is a message for Liam. NO WONDER YOU HAVEN’T ANSWERED YOUR PHONE! good luck, I’m really proud of you….you jammy sod! I hope to see you at christmas when I’m back in Manchester XXX Raemondo XXX

  16. Diane Handelsman Monday 8 Oct, 2007 // 19:21:18

    Hi Amy,
    Such an interesting voyage. Sent some of the Greenland pictures and your posting to friends and family to keep them updated on your trip. Especially liked the one of the polar bears – what a treat to see them.
    Bon voyage for your trip to Iceland. Hal and I follow the voyage, postings and pictures daily – they are so informative. Can’t wait until you get back to hear all of your stories.
    P.S. Grandpa sent you two messages but somehow they didn’t get through.

  17. Angela and Dick Jervey Tuesday 9 Oct, 2007 // 2:07:52

    Dear All: We have received word that you arrived in Iceland. I am sure that reality fills you all with mixed feelings. For us it is a time for thought ( now that our emotions are in check) and reflection about you and your mission. I don’t believe any of us truly understood what you would face, and we problably can’t come close even after your wonderful reports. From this end it felt like one or all of you had crafted a script and your blogs drew us in totally. How many of us felt the nausea, heard the ice scraping the hull,the wind howling, and the sting of the ice water? Meanwhile the camaraderie, laughter, and feeling among the players was real. The drama has been compelling. Thank you for sharing. But more importantly, thank you all for your part in this terribly important research and the reporting to the general population that is to follow. There is no question that the issue of climate change is the most pressing of our time. We are grateful that you were willing to face the perils of the sea in order to bring understanding to us all. Love, Angela and Dick

  18. Lola Tuesday 9 Oct, 2007 // 13:58:27

    watching your progress from eden! great stuff!

  19. Alex Thursday 11 Oct, 2007 // 1:20:33

    Amy B- Congratulations, You survived the Nature Cruise of the Century! You faced all the dangers of the arctic (Santa, Polar bears, Russians) and made it back to tell the tale. I have been thinking about you the whole time and I can’t wait to see you when you get home.
    All my best,

  20. JAIME Wednesday 17 Oct, 2007 // 13:21:19

    hii there what u are dong is really great and interesting gd luck for thw future bye for now x

  21. Rachel Tripconey Saturday 10 Nov, 2007 // 11:53:54

    I’m at the Eden Project in Cornwall and I would like to wish you good luck on your vouage.

  22. samantha Saturday 17 Nov, 2007 // 15:43:29

    I’m at the eden progect conwall and good luk and when the voeg is over come on down to falmouth in conwall

  23. Alan & Annie W Sunday 25 Nov, 2007 // 17:33:51

    In case anyone still looks at this thread, there are some examples of Nick’s splendid photgraphs in today’s (25/11) Sunday Times magazine.

  24. ttre Wednesday 19 Dec, 2007 // 4:09:40

    Very good site! I like it! Thanks!m

  25. Dr. Richard Luxton Sunday 10 Feb, 2008 // 14:35:52

    Caroline Ross Pirie: What a fantastic trip! Just fantastic. You are just doing some great things. I follow them online with considerable interest. Take Care
    Rick from your Essex days

  26. Carl Newman Sunday 9 Mar, 2008 // 11:14:06

    Just wanted Dallas Murphy to know that I found _Rounding the Horn_ to be brilliant. I am really sorry there aren’t more pages. Fabulously well done!

  27. Becky! Thursday 17 Apr, 2008 // 16:34:47

    I’ve got 1 out of 4 chances of going on the next Artic trip! I am so excited, not just because i have the chance of going but because of the work as a team we will be doing to try and do our bit for the environment! Keep up the good work and just remember every small part you play in the environment counts!

    Take care!


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