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We want to make a difference!
Please support the work of Cape Farewell in promoting action and awareness about climate change! We would like everyone to support the Greenland Voyage.

You can do this by:

  1. Check the website
    There is new content being posted all the time. Keep up with the blogs during the voyage as we broadcast direct from the deck of the Noorderlicht. Once we return from the Arctic check back to see the work developing from the voyage.
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  2. Join the mailing list
    Add yourself to the mailing list to receive regular information on Cape Farewell exhibitions, events and news.
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  3. Get in touch
    Send your questions, comments and messages of support to the crew. Add a comment to an individual post, or use our message page to send a message to the team.
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  4. Support the team and make a donation
    Become a virtual traveller with us. Click for five easy ways for you to make a CarbonZero Donation to help support the Greenland Voyage.
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  5. Spread the word!
    Follow us and tell everyone you know!


  1. Susana R Saturday 22 Sep, 2007 // 11:43:38

    i think its great what you do….but how can somebody can actually participate in the expedition???

  2. george Tuesday 23 Oct, 2007 // 15:18:01

    The eden prodgect is great! it has a lot of different things to see and do .BUT……………………………. they need a few more interactive stuff

  3. courtney freese Friday 7 Dec, 2007 // 11:02:11

    the project is wonderful , the closest to a ‘jurrasic park’ i will ever come.

  4. Lene Tuesday 15 Jan, 2008 // 13:43:39

    I am also very interested in getting to know how to participate in the expedition, please do send me information if you are interested in getting more people invoived.

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