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Goodbye London!

By Cape Farewell // Wednesday 12 Sep // 16:50:37 // View

The youth team are on their way! We’ve just said a big goodbye to a very excited crew. The next time we’ll hear from them they’ll be in the Arctic! Let’s hope they’ve remembered their thermals…

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Leaving London

By Doriana // Wednesday 12 Sep // 15:30:27 // View


Before leaving London Doriana and Amelie perfect their media skills in the fountain at Southbank with Franzi, Jessica and Amy. 


Jessica Knight helps the team get their luggage ready at Southbank.

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Brindle’s First Blog!

By Keith // Wednesday 12 Sep // 13:20:25 // 1 Comment // View

I’m trying to keep up with all the fascinating, challenging and often at-odds things I’ve heard about climate change over the last few days since joining the Cape Farewell Youth Expedition. Not that I’ve heard anyone deny the reality of climate change or man’s responsibility; just that the numbers, facts, predictions and consequences rarely seem to agree. One thing all have agreed on, whether it be Prof Mark Maslin from UCL and Director of The Institute of the Environment, Charlie Kronick the long-time activist and senior policy advisor on climate-change for Greenpeace, comedian Marcus Brigstocke, Dr Simon Boxall the eminent oceanographer from Institute of Oceanography in Southampton or the author Vikram Seth is that to tackle climate change mankind will need to use all it’s creativity, not just in science, but also in art, in it’s governance, through comedy, through commerce and through our individual stories.

Mark Maslin, who authored the acclaimed ‘Global Warming – A Brief Introduction.’ put the challenge into perspective by starting his talk on the science of climate change with ‘We cannot address the issue of future world climate change without also addressing the issue of current world poverty.’ Though rich in science content, Mark repeatedly challenged the notation of simply looking at climate change as solely a scientific issue, by pointing out the often devastating socio-economic or political impact of purely scientific responses to climate change…
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