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What’s Nonie been up to?

By Nonie // Friday 21 Dec // 15:25:03 // View

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Find out what Nonie has been up to since the voyage.

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Watch Nonie’s last video report from the Arctic.

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Watch Nonie’s video report

By Nonie // Friday 21 Sep // 10:30:06 // 17 Comments // View

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Watch Nonie’s latest video diary

Friday 21st Sept, 12noon GMT (1pm UK)
Watch Nonie’s second video diary direct from Svalbard responding to your initial questions. In this broadcast, just before the crew return to Longyearbyen, Nonie speaks about the collective art project, the communities in Svalbard, her projects and the answers she’s found during the voyage. (Duration: 3.50mins)

Use the comment box below to leave a message for Nonie, ask her another question or leave her a response to her video diary broadcasts.

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Crumbling glaciers and Arctic dancing…

By Nonie // Tuesday 18 Sep // 17:20:25 // 1 Comment // View


How’s it going? Have been having an amazing time, sorry I couldn’t do the live blogging yesterday- the website wasn’t working. Ny Alesund is the most northerly town in the world- and at the moment probably the quietest- it almost feels deserted although quite a lot of research etc. goes on here. I hope you saw my video that was posted yesterday- if you did you would have heard me talk about the glacier we saw crumbling- yesterday afternoon an even bigger bit broke off and now there is a massive great chunk of ice sitting in the sea which wasn’t there two days ago. The face of the glacier has changed so much in the 3 days we have been here- it is scary how much to think it will have changed in a year’s time. What is even more scary is the noise the ice makes as it breaks- like thunder- and the way the water erupts in a huge wave and floods onto the beach.

We also completed our group art project yesterday- an arrangement of ice and ice sculptures in shapes, walls and balances- the piece was all about balance and hopefully you will see some good pictures of it soon. Everyone worked together to complete it and it took a while- it was such a sense of achievement to finish it and to see what we had created.

Today we were doing a dance piece in a place called ‘London’ on an island called Blomstrand- it was a very reflective piece of Indian movement and we were all spread out on the rocks down to the beach – it should be pretty awesome to watch because we were all moving together and with this beautiful background behind us- it was a very peaceful and relaxing thing to do but just a little bit cold!- I couldn’t feel my toes at the end even though I had 8 layers and about 3 pairs of socks on!

Hope you’re all good, thanks for all your comments and sorry I can’t answer them all!

Love Nonie xx x xx x xx

P.S. My big toes misses you too thank you Kate and Emily! !
And Gaby you don’t get Eskimos in the Norweigan Arctic!

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Latest images from Svalbard

By Cape Farewell // Tuesday 18 Sep // 17:20:11 // 10 Comments // View


Latest images from the Arctic.

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Technical problems

By Cape Farewell // Monday 17 Sep // 13:15:15 // View

Sorry! We had technical problems with the website on Monday and have had to reschedule the two QA sessions with both Nonie and Jethro. We apologise if you were trying to tune in for the video diary broadcasts or the QA sessions and were unable to connect to us. We have fixed the problems and are back up and running again. Check the QA schedule for the current times – Nonie and Jethro will both be online again on Friday 21st.

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Watch Nonie’s video diary

By Cape Farewell // Monday 17 Sep // 09:55:47 // View

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Mon 17th Sept, 10am GMT (11am UK)
Watch Nonie’s video diary, direct from Ny-Alesund, Svalbard. (Duration: 1:40 mins). Thank you for all your initial questions. If you are a pupil at Canford School we’re sorry for the technical problems on Monday. Join Nonie online again on Friday 21st for her second video diary broadcast. If you have any more questions for her before then use the link below to add them!
Watch Nonie’s second video diary »
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First night in Longyearbyen

By Akash // Thursday 13 Sep // 18:02:36 // View


Akash and the team spent the evening at the youth club in Longyearbyen. 


Amy with a friend from Svalbard at the youth club in Longyearbyen.


Nonie blogs from the youth club in Longyearbyen while Duncan and Joe film.

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Arrived in Longyearbyen

By Nonie // Thursday 13 Sep // 18:00:46 // View


Thank you for all your comments! Oh yes and i have been doing more than just looking at the hot t4 guy… we arrived in Longyearbyen today- had 3 flights to get here and when we stepped off the plane it was SO SO cold… that sounds silly but it really was…  We are in the town youth centre at the moment and have been round the museum- lots of stuffed polar bears, arctic foxes etc… also found out some stuff about plankton, glaciers and birds- MR LOYD- will try and get some pictures of the birds for Mr. Hooker. We leave on the Norderlicht tomorrow afernoon to go to Ny Alesund so when i have started myt science projects i will start posting some stuff about it aswell- if that’s helpful.

 Lots of filming and interviews- even in the airport when it was all quite stressful! Problem is you can’t say anything otherwise they film you even more! It’s really interesting here- such a different way of life and the community is very close… the scenery is amazing- I have taken loads of pictures to post on my blog or show when i get back. Learning lots and the people and students are GREAT.

 Hope everyone’s well, write me some questions soon!

LOTS OF LOVE Nonie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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New people, new place, new adventure….

By Nonie // Tuesday 11 Sep // 12:15:27 // 7 Comments // View

HeY GuyS!!!!

Thank you all so much for your comments… you all feel like such a long way away right now! Was nice to hear some people from the ‘castle’ as Canford has been nicknamed by the people here…

I am now so used to have a camera in my face the whole time it feels weird when there isn’t one there! The launch was amazing but so busy – straight from the presentation to the trip down the river in our coats and hats holding these massive flags – we looked so cool…. I’m sorry only a few people could come – would have loved to see more of you guys – thank you so much for coming to see me!

Have learnt so much in the last couple of days – from how to think like a scientist to how to answer a question from some horrible journalist… had an interview from T4 which was exciting – well meeting the presenter was – he was gorgeous..!

Hope you’re good,

lots LOVE Nonie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S> Remeber to ask me questions and send your support by sunday because on monday the 17th at 11 am my 2nd video will and i will be answering and replying then! MISS U XXXXX

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Arctic Q/A Session: Nonie

By Nonie // Tuesday 11 Sep // 10:10:42 // 5 Comments // View

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Watch the first clip from Nonie at Southbank Centre, London (from Tuesday 11 September), find out how you can follow her during the expedition and read the initial questions posted on the website. (Duration: 45 secs)
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