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BBC News School Report!

By Amy // Saturday 15 Mar // 22:29:59 // View

Hey all.
I notice that other than Jethro’s post there hasn’t been many others so I thought i’d post one too. This is part of the actual footage shown on BBC North West Tonight last Thursday. I sent an email around to most people (who’s emails that I have) sending them this link:

Just though that i would post it onto the website for any others to look at. Enjoy.
AmyLove xxx

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Amy’s latest video reports

By Amy // Friday 21 Dec // 15:24:33 // View

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Find out what Amy has been up to since the voyage.

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Amy reports from the voyage.

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By Amy // Sunday 21 Oct // 20:55:50 // View

As much as i loved my time in the Arctic the last thing i wanted to do was write 4 paged essay about it! I just wanted to take my time slowly and you know, get used to reality a little bit, but no! My english  teacher dumped an essay on me the first day back. It’s taken up until now to complete so that’s why i haven’t blogged in a while!
    I think everyone feels the same right about now and we are all ready to return to wonderland sometime soon! I miss that place soooo much and you guys, i miss you loads! Waking up without you all seems strange. Becky’s not here to wake me up, Amelie’s not here to give me a massage, B’s not about to do my hair, Duncan and Joe aren’t around with the camera. I feel quite lonely at times!
   My art project is coming along and i have had a meeting with my drama teacher, she’s got some great ideas. Will keep you up to date with that! The poster of me still hasn’t been pulled down and surprisingly no one has give me a mustache yet, but there’s still time! Everything is going quite well up here so i hope all you guys are ok and everything is going ok for you too! Hope this reunion goes ahead so we can meet up again and SHARE THE LOVE!

Love you all so much!

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message to Akash and Amy from the noorderlicht

By Cape Farewell // Friday 5 Oct // 16:13:47 // 2 Comments // View

Amy, Amy, Amy, Akash, Akash, Akash,

Good to know that you are following us. Oh my word, Greenland is quite a place. So, when are you dropping by base-camp for lunch club and to share stories?

(PS you can all leave comments for the Greenland crew at

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By Amy // Thursday 4 Oct // 17:31:49 // 1 Comment // View

Well, I was asked to write an article about my time in the
Arctic for our school newspaper, this is what I wrote…

Well, my name’s Amy Sturgess and I was lucky enough to get to go on a once in a lifetime trip to the
Arctic. Over the past few terms
Moorhead has been involved in a project with
Cape Farewell, an organisation that is trying to raise awareness of climate change. Some of the present Year 10 have been taking part in different activities run both in and outside of school on the subject of climate change. Out of the 30 in our class I was the one who was picked to go to the

Seeing the sun set every day, feeling the breeze, waking up in the mornings to the sound of nothingness, the whole thing was just incredible! The ten days that I spent in the
Arctic along with some amazing people – 6 from
England, 3 from
Canada and 2 from
Germany, was packed with lots of things for us to do.

When in Ny Alesund, a small town in
Svalbard, Norway, we visited a beach and tried to make some kind of sculpture from the blocks of broken of ice. While building a part of one of the other glaciers fell. The sound of it breaking roared over in our direction. It was as if it was sending a message to us, it made me realise just how badly we are damaging our planet.

Even though the project was about looking at the science and the arts of the expedition we all had a little fun along the way. We couldn’t go all that way and not have a swim. You could call it crazy but we called it curiosity. 2.5?C, “Don’t try this at home”. We all made a deal, if we went in we had to get our whole body under the water, including our heads. It was freezing!

I’m sad that this experience had to end, however now I am here to share my experiences with the whole community. I was inspired by so many people during my trip and now I have realised that the world is really changing and so is the climate so if we carry on the way we are we will seriously damage the planet. So let’s make a difference!

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to you all;
Sub Sub, Colin, Jess-Star, Keithy, Mark-Love, ZALATAN, Dan, BIG Joe & Duncan Darling,
The trip was just incredible, including you guys! Thank you for everything!


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The Bruise Blog..

By Amy // Thursday 27 Sep // 15:37:50 // 1 Comment // View

Hey Everyone..
..I said i was going to add a bruise blog to let everyone know how my leg was, so here goes…
…It’s fine! I was really disappointed, like Jess’ eye it went yellow and was  swollen but then a couple of days on it doesn’t hurt or anything. There’s no pictures because it’s faded. I’m quite annoyed that my body decided to heal itself so quickly. Grrrr!
Amy-Love Always…

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The Northern (Street) Lights

By Amy // Wednesday 26 Sep // 17:25:01 // View

It’s great to be home to see the gorgeous shine of the Northern Lights, well the street lights anyway. It’s ace to be home to see all my family and friends but I can’t help but feel empty. There’s no rocking me to sleep, there’s no Amy Love at night, there’s no tiny room to stay. It’s just all gone! The “Hello Darling” and “Dude” jokes don’t make sense, the sound of the glacier crying out, the fact that ice is slippy and photography is dangerous. These things can’t be shared with the guys back home as they could with you lot! It’s just not the same! I now have a different perspective of life than my friends, i’m going to have to share my thoughts and memories with them in detail. It will be all okay, I’ll spread the word because..Together we really can make that difference!
Amy-Love is always in the hearts, Keep smiling!

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Nearly Home!

By Amy // Sunday 23 Sep // 10:24:35 // 1 Comment // View

Hey everyone,
we have been aloud in the local school to chill until our bus comes at 12.30, i found out that we have the internet here and thought i’d blog you guys! Mum/s, Dad/s and boys I’m great, don’t worry about me, all i have to do i fly home, i’ll be fine! Jess & the team have been fab! They’ve looked after me well!  Tell everyone i said hello and tell them i’ve got access to loads of pictures if they want them. It’s been fantastic here i love it! It’s been such an awesome experience and i don’t want it to end. I’ve been inspired by so many people to do so much and that I really want to make that difference to our planet!
Okay guys well hopefully see most of you tomorrow!
Lots of love BIG hugs and kisses!
(Grandad everyone is saying “eyy i could crush a grape” &  “eh by gum!”)


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View Amy’s Live Arctic QA

By Cape Farewell // Wednesday 19 Sep // 10:29:04 // View

The Live QA session is now over  
Join Amy’s Live Arctic QA

Wed 19th Sept, 10.40am GMT (11.40am UK)
Following Amy’s video diary broadcast she will be online live from the Arctic for 30 minutes to hear your responses and to answer any more questions. The live QA will take place on the link below from 10.40am GMT onwards on Wed 19th Sept.
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Amy’s video now live!

By Amy // Wednesday 19 Sep // 09:55:38 // View

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Wed 19th Sept, 10am GMT (11am UK)
Watch Amy’s video diary, direct from Ny-Alesund, Svalbard (duration: 1:13 mins). Thank you for all your initial questions! If you are a pupil at Moorhead join Amy online for a quick QA at 10.40am GMT (11.40am UK).
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