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What Hayley’s been doing

By Hayley // Friday 21 Dec // 15:29:48 // View

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Find out what Hayley has been up to since the voyage in these two video reports.

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Hayley’s Live Arctic QA

By Hayley // Thursday 20 Sep // 13:15:08 // 143 Comments // View

Live QA session is now closed

Hayley’s Live Arctic QA Session

Thurs 20th Sept, 1.30pm GMT (2.30pm UK)
Following Hayley’s video diary broadcast she will be online live from the Arctic for 30 minutes to hear your responses and to answer any more questions. The live QA will take place on this page from 1.30pm GMT onwards on Thurs 20th Sept. To take part check back and follow the instructions below.
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Watch Hayley’s video diary

By Hayley // Thursday 20 Sep // 11:25:32 // View

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Thurs 20th Sept, 1pm GMT (2pm UK)
Watch Hayley’s video diary, direct from the deck of the Noorderlicht as they sail towards London, Svalbard (duration: 50 secs). Thank you for all your initial questions! If you are a pupil at Kidbrooke join Hayley online for a quick QA at 1pm GMT (2pm UK). Follow the link below!
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Hayley on the bowsprit

By Hayley // Wednesday 19 Sep // 17:48:46 // View


Hayley on the bowsprit of the Noorderlicht.

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We’re finally here

By Hayley // Monday 17 Sep // 18:18:37 // View


Hey guys we arrived in Ny Alesund today which is a small island in Svalbard. We visited a glacier to dig a pit for Shonas experiment, but we failed as the ice as too hard. Part of the glacier broke off and landed in the sea and we all had to run because it made huge waves LOL!!!! Ms Burdett also fell over whilst we were walking up the mountain and cut her eyebrow and she now has a black eye. Well my live blog is on Thursday so please get your questions in and i’ll be happy to answer them xxx

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Arriving in Longyearbyen

By Hayley // Thursday 13 Sep // 14:15:43 // View


Amelie and Hayley arriving in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

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BBC London News

By Cape Farewell // Thursday 13 Sep // 13:38:15 // 1 Comment // View

The youth team are featured on BBC London News discussing their projects and expectations for the trip. The feature focuses on Hayley, Akash and Liam as the London residents prepare for the Arctic.

See the video online

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The start of an amazing journey

By Hayley // Tuesday 11 Sep // 12:03:18 // 12 Comments // View

Hey again guys just a quick blog to let you know whats been going on. Ill start from the launch, as you already know we had the launch yesterday which was absoluetly fab we all really enjoyed it and thanks to those who came along. We also worked in groups and created a dance/movement in my group i worked with Amilie, Joe and Franzie. Our group was based on biodiversity. We had to perform infront of roughly one hundred and fifty people it was amazing hearing the applause we got after knowing they were applauding us. Yesterday we were working with the media recording videos of each other which will be posted on the website very soon ( All of us also got interviewed by T4 and there will be a programme showing on the 4th November at twelve oclock. It was fab as we got to meet the presenter Rick. Anyway please get your messages in and ill reply when im on on the bloggs live at 2 oclock on 20th september thanks xx

P.S The rest of the team are ace love them all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Arctic Q/A Session: Hayley

By Hayley // Tuesday 11 Sep // 10:03:10 // 7 Comments // View

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Get the latest from Hayley at Southbank Centre in London, and find out how you can follow her during the expedition. (Duration: 45 secs)

Send a question to Hayley

Deadline: Wed 19th Sept, 5pm GMT (6pm UK)
Everyone is welcome to participate. Enter your question for Hayley before 5pm the day before her broadcast, using the comment box at the end of this page. If you are a pupil at Kidbrooke School your Cape Farewell teacher co-ordinator should be helping to collect your questions and messages.
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The launch and everything else

By Hayley // Monday 10 Sep // 17:53:22 // 5 Comments // View

Hey guys its hayley here just writing to tell you what we have been up to these past few days. For the first day we basically got settled into our rooms and unpacking etc. Then yesterday was really exciting when we had the launch. How ever many of us there were we were seperated into two boats we went past parliment a few bridges one in particular London Bridge. It was absolutely fab going super fast in the boats and i wish you all could have been there remeber get your messages in before thursday 20th september when im goin to be blogging live at 2.30 pm. I would just like thank you all for coming and supporting me and Jes Burdett and i hope you have a good two weeks in school ha ha miss you all hope to see you soon lots of love Hayley xxxxxxxxxxx

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