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Returning to the Arctic

By Cape Farewell // Friday 17 Oct // 14:14:19 // View

Following the success of the 2007 Youth Expedition, Cape Farewell returned to the Arctic in September 2008 with the second Youth Expedition. The international crew of 28 young people from across the world, accompanied by educators, artists and scientists, sailed to Cape Farewell before crossing to West Greenland and finishing on Baffin Island. Organised in collaboration with the British Council Canada, the students acted as youth ambassadors for their schools and communities. From the Arctic they each completed art and science projects and talked live to their schools, communicating the global impact of climate change to their local communities.

Follow the journey of these youth ambassadors and watch the expedition as it happens.

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Visiting spectacular Disko Bay

By Cape Farewell // Friday 17 Oct // 14:03:17 // View

In September 2008 Cape Farewell returned to Greenland to continue the work started in 2007. The Art/Science crew began their 10 day sail in West Greenland, visiting the spectacular Disko Bay area and the Jakobshavn Glacier, one of Greenland’s largest glaciers moving at a faster rate than ever before, losing 20 million tons of ice every day.

Working in partnership with the British Geological Survey, the scientists extended their investigations of climate change with extensive surveying below the seabed.

The arts crew, dominated by an international array of musicians including Laurie Anderson, Vanessa Carlton, Jarvis Cocker, Feist, Robyn Hitchcock, Ryuichi Sakamoto, KT Tunstall and Martha Wainwright also featured artists, comedians, architects, film-makers and journalists.

Follow the 2008 Disko Bay Expedition in blogs from over 40 artists, musicians and scientists as we sailed through the extraordinary Disko Bay. During the voyage we brushed aside snow and broke out our portable satellite gear to broadcast text, images and video direct from the deck of the boat. Check the expedition website, subscribe to the podcast or view the galleries of images and video to journey with us.

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Conference Agenda

By Cape Farewell // Tuesday 20 Nov // 16:53:03 // View

AGENDA – 29 November


10.00 – 10.15 INTRODUCTION 

10.15 – 11.30 SESSION 1 – SCHOOLS

Group Workshop and Feedback 

11.30 – 11.45 COFFEE BREAK 


Making the news with Cape Farewell

Group Workshop and Feedback 

12.30    – 1.15 LUNCH 


Group Workshop and Feedback 


Group Workshop and Feedback 

2.45 – 3.00                  CLOSING REMARKS                                                                                 

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Lost camera?

By Cape Farewell // Tuesday 20 Nov // 16:13:43 // 1 Comment // View

Did anyone leave a camera on the Noorderlicht??? If so, please contact Hannah at Cape Farewell office (or leave a comment to this blog and I will read it!)

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Conference on 29 November

By Cape Farewell // Wednesday 24 Oct // 16:13:14 // View

Creative Partnerships are sponsoring a mini conference to evaluate and learn the lessons of CFYE 2007. This will take place on the 29th November in London. We hope that each school will send : the participant, the key co-ordinator, 1 member of the ground team.

We will be sending out an evaluation sheet very soon to help you prepare for the conference. We particularly want to invite teachers who have been Cape Farewell key co-ordinators to come along and share their thoughts with the conference.

Could you all let Colin know as a matter of urgency if you can make it! We know that Shona, Amelie, Doriana ( hopefully) and Rebecca Zalatan are preparing to come over from Canada, so we hope that you will try your very best.

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Mr Punjabi losing his huge amount of energy!!

By Akash // Monday 15 Oct // 17:42:46 // 2 Comments // View

Howdy Everyone,

                                 It is Mr Punjabi (Akash) here just thought I would tell you how my life is going well I did a few presentaions about my trip and some other things but the main thing I wanted to talk about was my energy which never seemed to end on the trip but now I think it will. I am now finding that I dont do and silly things and make people laugh no more because you guys are not here to experience it. But hopefully if I see you again I will be fully charged.

 See you soon…

Mr Punjabi—Beta

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message to Akash and Amy from the noorderlicht

By Cape Farewell // Friday 5 Oct // 16:13:47 // 2 Comments // View

Amy, Amy, Amy, Akash, Akash, Akash,

Good to know that you are following us. Oh my word, Greenland is quite a place. So, when are you dropping by base-camp for lunch club and to share stories?

(PS you can all leave comments for the Greenland crew at

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A message to the youth crew from the Noorderlicht!

By Cape Farewell // Friday 5 Oct // 09:24:06 // 1 Comment // View


Hey Youth Team. How are you? What is it like to be home again after the Spitsbergen experience?

We’ve been thinking of you as we take the Noorderlicht on. We hear lots of stories from the crew – seems you charmed them. They enjoyed having you on the boat a lot. Dan showed me a video of you running into the sea. Ouch, how could you do that? So cold…

We had a rough journey over to Greenland, but Simon, Carol and Emily managed to test salinity and temperature at regular intervals – looking back, I can’t imagine quite how. We encountered huge amounts of sea ice as we approached East Greenland, much more than anticipated. This means that we haven’t been able to get into Scoresby Sund where we had planned to go. Instead, we’ve headed further south into the Denmark Straights and are exploring fjords south of Scoresby and North of Nansen Fjord.

This is one of the least visited areas of Greenland. We sailed into a fjord yesterday that we believe no-one has visited since 1940. As we floated there, we witnessed sea ice form within 10 minutes around us. Simon had been telling us that a very small drop in temperature can result in a sudden freeze but that he had never seen this himself – the text books come alive. Today, we bust a groove in the boat through a LOT of ice to get to a glacier front. Even close up we could hardly see the glacier front through the mist and falling snow. Ice for miles around on every side of the boat and an eery, ghostly silence. People spoke very quietly on deck. What is it about ice and snow that makes people whisper? Or is it more to do with experiencing glacial melt in this truly visceral way?

Anyway, Dan sends love and misses you all. Every time we put on your waterproofs to face the storms we see your names in pen all over them. You are with us in some way!

See you all soon,


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Cross platform mind blowing soul shifting skill building opinion forming Cape Farewell Youth Expedition 2007 !

By Colin // Thursday 27 Sep // 16:56:15 // View

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all your soulful posts Now then! what’s next ? We all had a marvelous, purposeful experience which was also fun. It fulfilled the objectives we set for ourselves more than a year ago, better than we could possibly hope for
We have a lot of images, footage, project material to work with, and once we have rested a bit we’ll start thinking about the follow up… how to share all that we did and learnt together.

Phew! There’s video to cut, photos to share and projects to complete. Above all we want to help you voyagers and your ground crew continue making an impact in your schools and communities.

We’re also planning a conference at the South Bank Centre to learn the lessons and spread the word of our achievement to other schools. This will help us to plan further work and voyages. Can’t give a specific date yet but we’ll let you all know soon.

Meanwhile if you need pictures, sounds or specific pieces of footage to help you in completing your project and working in the school then let us know what it is and we’ll make a list and get started.

Even if it wasn’t filmed on our voyage we may well have useful stuff from previous voyages eg funky close ups of Plankton, diagrams of the ocean circulation, carbon cycle in the deep ocean etc. It’s worth asking!

Love and changes


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Back home to see no sea

By Akash // Wednesday 26 Sep // 16:12:30 // 1 Comment // View

As we have all made our safe journeys back to each of our homes and then to our schools it has been a very sad time as we may never get to see what we saw again. Now we are all back home our schools have been wanting to know what it was like whilst we were up in the Arctic and boy that has taken some time as person after person ask you the same thing. Now we need to get back to our daily routines and remember what we have experinced was amazing and we may never get to see the same thing again.

Lets just hope that Cape Farewell hold a reunion to see how we have been getting on.

See you later


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