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By Cape Farewell // Friday 5 Oct // 16:13:47 // 2 Comments

Amy, Amy, Amy, Akash, Akash, Akash,

Good to know that you are following us. Oh my word, Greenland is quite a place. So, when are you dropping by base-camp for lunch club and to share stories?

(PS you can all leave comments for the Greenland crew at

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  1. Akash Friday 5 Oct, 2007 // 17:54:24

    Wont be able too the media is going wild
    We hope that someday we can all meet again from both voyages and maybe the crew at a reunion.
    Gert-Does he miss 3rd mate me and does he miss me steering
    Anna- I miss your food
    Renska & Barbra- The knots and hosting the sails training has come to good use.
    See you all soon
    p.s which cabin did Marcus get

  2. Amy Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 11:15:04

    Course we’re following you, we need to know what you’re up to! Haha, by quite some place, is that a good place or a bad place. It sounds amazing!
    Pah. I aint going back to base-camp for a while. Last time i went i got stuck down the side of the bed and recieved quite a nasty present off the wall afterwards! I HAD SPLINTERS IN MY BUM!
    Keep Smiling, Missing you all loads!

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