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To describe….

By Nonie // Saturday 29 Sep // 20:57:39 // 2 Comments // View

Hey everyone,

 Sorry I haven’t been on lately- I had forgotten how busy life is here- or maybe never’s so good to hear people who know how I feel. Canford, darling, is just a million miles from the peace that is Ny Alesund and the questions don’t stop – it’s great but in trying to describe and satisfy everyone you almost forget where you were and what you were actually doing. I find myself describing the simpler things because the those that meant so much i have barely had time to reflect on, let alone put in words. In the same way everyone is talking about how insignificant the once-important things are now- I also feel I want to do something more and my ambitions for what I want to do and where I want to be.

 I miss everyone tonnes. It was incredible to meet you people and to share your stories in the most unique and meaningful way. The trip had so many various benefits and there is no way to define every one of the amazing experiences I encountered, only to know that those incredible people who were with me I can share the memories with and use them for the worth they should be.

 It is nice to know that there is a place that I can re-visit in my mind whenever i chose, and remind myself that life is not all a made-over version of what it knows itself to be.

Never before this trip have I wanted to give or do more,

I hope everyone’s good and see you all soon,

 Love to you all… darlings x x x x x x

P.S. SHONA! I believe a REAL disco is in order VERY soon.. as is our dance lesson with Suba! x x x x 

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Back to Normal Life

By Jethro // Friday 28 Sep // 15:17:53 // View

Hello all,

Being back in the normal life is a wierd experience, I’ve been feeling a bit land sick if you know what I mean, I’m used to there being a little bit of rocking at least 12 hours a day. I’ve been recognised around school a lot and people I don’t even know have been talking to me!

Anyway, I would like to say that everyone on the boat was great and thanks to Dan, Jess, Mark, Keith etc.. for helping us with our projects and a big thanks to Colin and Suba for making this possible for us all, it was really great and hopefully we’ll all be able to meet up once again.

Tally Pip,


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Just a Dream?

By Katharina // Friday 28 Sep // 14:37:28 // View

Hey everyone!

It’s hard to believe, that this should be the reality. I feel like I dreamed everything about our trip. The amazing things we saw, the fun we had together and you all. Just a dream. Two different worlds and me between them. I’m happy to be back at home, to see my family, tell my friends everything about you and the Arctic, but it hurts to see how uninterested most are in climate change and the future of the Arctic. I can’t understand it. They all do as though erverything is perfect, but it isn’t. I know it and it seems that you are the only ones, who know it, too.

Today in school I told my class everything about the voyage. It’s normal that nearly everybody talks in lessons, but this time everyone listened. I was really surprised, but I think it’s a good sign and maybe (I hope so) they understood what I wanted to say! It’s important that EVERYONE does something against the climate change!

My classteacher allowed Lydia and me to work on the children’s story in Art lessons!

I miss you all soooooo much and every day increasingly!

I hope we’ll see us all soon!

Ina xxx

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Back to reality

By Rebecca // Thursday 27 Sep // 20:41:36 // View

Well I’ve spent a few days resting and taking it easy after an exhausted series of flights home. Although I am happy to be back, I miss the tranquility of the Arctic.  After spending hours doing laundry and sorting my stuff back into place, I finally sat down to reflect on my experience.

I miss the energy and dynamics of everyone who was on board. We all played a significant part in the making of this expedition and without each and every one of us, the experience would have been different. I’m glad that I got to be there to share it with all of you.

The journey isn’t over. We still have a lot of work to do to spread the news about climate change to our friends, colleagues, parents, teachers and anyone who wishes to listen. You don’t have to be a climate change activist to inspire people, you just have to tell them your story as you see it, in your own words. The most inspiring and interesting stories are ones that come from the heart.

So go out and tell the world about Cape Farewell. Even if you have to resort to telling the funny or silly stories about our journey. At the very least, you’ll become a good story teller. 

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Cross platform mind blowing soul shifting skill building opinion forming Cape Farewell Youth Expedition 2007 !

By Colin // Thursday 27 Sep // 16:56:15 // View

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all your soulful posts Now then! what’s next ? We all had a marvelous, purposeful experience which was also fun. It fulfilled the objectives we set for ourselves more than a year ago, better than we could possibly hope for
We have a lot of images, footage, project material to work with, and once we have rested a bit we’ll start thinking about the follow up… how to share all that we did and learnt together.

Phew! There’s video to cut, photos to share and projects to complete. Above all we want to help you voyagers and your ground crew continue making an impact in your schools and communities.

We’re also planning a conference at the South Bank Centre to learn the lessons and spread the word of our achievement to other schools. This will help us to plan further work and voyages. Can’t give a specific date yet but we’ll let you all know soon.

Meanwhile if you need pictures, sounds or specific pieces of footage to help you in completing your project and working in the school then let us know what it is and we’ll make a list and get started.

Even if it wasn’t filmed on our voyage we may well have useful stuff from previous voyages eg funky close ups of Plankton, diagrams of the ocean circulation, carbon cycle in the deep ocean etc. It’s worth asking!

Love and changes


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The Bruise Blog..

By Amy // Thursday 27 Sep // 15:37:50 // 1 Comment // View

Hey Everyone..
..I said i was going to add a bruise blog to let everyone know how my leg was, so here goes…
…It’s fine! I was really disappointed, like Jess’ eye it went yellow and was  swollen but then a couple of days on it doesn’t hurt or anything. There’s no pictures because it’s faded. I’m quite annoyed that my body decided to heal itself so quickly. Grrrr!
Amy-Love Always…

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Adjusting to Modern Life.

By Shona // Wednesday 26 Sep // 22:58:56 // 1 Comment // View

    I was looking forward to returning home and being with my family and sleeping in my own (non moving bed). But now that I am home I feel like i dont belong here. Everything seems strange and I feel so out of place. Waking up and seeing cars, houses and pavement doesnt compare to the glaciers and mountains that we had all come acustomed to seeing. I feel very empty and alone. Going back to school today was the strangest feeling ever. Everyone around was asking me what it was like and i found that i was at a loss of words and it couldnt be descrided. The only other people that truely understand what it was like are the others on the voyage and they are miles away right now. I feel very disconeted with everything. My friends that i was looking forward to seeing seem different and distant to me now. For the last few weeks the only people that I have known is the others on the trip and now that we are no longer together i feel very lonely and lost without them.  Things that seemed to matter no longer do. What i am going to wear or how my hair looks seems pointless and unimportant on the grand scale of things. Seeing how everyone was so dressed up at school and seeing all the efforts that they put into in seems ridculous to me now. All the time they spent on getting ready could be spent on things that really mattered, things that have an effect. To me it seems like, well i just saw pieced of our world come crumbling down, so who cares what t-shirt you are wearing today. Also something that i really miss is the peace and quiet Svalbard had to offer. Here the noises never stop and the people never stop. I find myself dreaming of a quiet, peacful place and escape there forever and never look back. I find myself lost in a crowd of people, I dont know where to go or to look. Being surrounded by people seems odd and it will take some getting used to.

     But i am home and i will have to learn to adjust to ”modern” life. Svalbard has taught me some very valuable lessons that i will never forget. This island have given me a new perpective on life and how to live. I wouldnt trade this experience for the world, i will cope with the horrors of daily life and soon enough i wont be thinking twice about the constant hum of traffic or the smell of fumes or the hustle and bustle through the school halls. But Svalbard will always be on the back on my mind along with all the incredible people that i experienced it with.

I miss you all and wish that you could all be there with me,

lots of love,

Shona x

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Back in a totally different world…

By Franziska // Wednesday 26 Sep // 18:53:37 // 1 Comment // View

Hey guys!!!

It’is me, Franzi, and just have to say that I miss you all tons. Seeing my family and friends was great and to be home is also very nice. But I feel like I am at the wrong place: All the traffic, the people, the stressed life…we had nothing of this and it was more than good!!!! I enjoyed the “freedom”, as Amélie would say, there so much. Here is everything so different. So loud. So dirty. So stressed. I had a lot of annoying interviews with german tv, everyone had no time. Up in the arctic we all had relaxed AND succesful days, here it seems like I work for nothing… I miss everyone of you, the songs (speccialy “Wonderwall”), Amy Love, Darling, the Crew and the good food. I still have to say that this trip was one of the best experiences in my howle life. I will never forget it. I share my experiences with everyone here but I know that they do not understand it so much like you all do. We have been a great team.

So I think you all have the same feelings, and I hope we all can stay in touch a long time. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and we CAN make a differents. Hope to see you again soon.

A lot of love, xxxxxxx


To Cape Farewell: Where is Ina’s and my last video with our sience and art projects???

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Colin’s song

By Liam // Wednesday 26 Sep // 17:56:34 // 1 Comment // View


Let me tell you ‘bout a ship

Making that Cape Farewell trip

Where all the kids are super hip

Sailing the nights away

Our Captain is a hunk called Gerd

First mate Barbara’s quite a flirt

Ice Killer Christian went and lost his shirt when we were

Sailing the nights away.

Sailing Sailing

Everybody’s face is green

O sailing,sailing

Sailing the nights away

Renska crews the zodiac

Puts all the big boys in the back

She shouts ‘een twee’ at all the pack

Sailing the nights away

Anna gives us killer soups

Motivating all the troops

She’s the queen of puds and fruits

Saiing the Nights Away

Sailing Sailing

Everybody’s face is green

O sailing, sailing

Sailing the nights away

There’s a girl called Suba here

Wearing all the latest sailing gear

She likes plenty plankton in her beer

Sailing the Nights Away

Mark’s a prof in playboy pants

Who loves to do that arctic dance

He puts those ice bears in a trance when we were

Sailing the nights away

Dan the artist’s working hard and long

Lifting icebergs with a cheery song

He only wears a thermal thong when he’s

Carving that ice away.

Carving Carving

Chips and Splinters flying out

He’s carving, carving

Carving that ice away

Capt Akash, Liam and Joe

Nonie darling and Jethro

I think Amy merely dipped her toe

When we were swimming the night away

Franzi, Ina, Hayley jumped right in

Amelie soaked Shona to the skin

Doriana was blogging and just couldn’t swim when we’re

Sailing the nights away

Sailing Sailing

Everybody’s face is green

O sailing,sailing

Sailing the nights away

Keith’s in love with Anna’s food

He’s hard as nails and very rude

He almost did his night watch in the nude when we were

Sailing the nights away

Art is what Jess likes to teach

She made a sculpture on the beach

And she kept the glacier water out of reach

Sailing the nights away

Becky’s got a great big lens

She’s had to snatch her sleep in here and thens

Watch out all you funky mens when she’s

Sailing the night away

Our editor’s a man called Dunc

He’s sleeping on the topmost bunk

We all think he’s such a hunk

Sailing the nights away

Lastly let’s remember Joe

He’s just a plain hero

He’s almost always on the go

Sailing the nights away

Sailing Sailing

Everybody’s face is green

O sailing, sailking

Sailing the nights away

We wish that it would snow and snow

Sadly we all have to go

We’ll not forget the things we know about

Sailing the nights away

Sailing Sailing

We’re all going to be green

O sailing,sailing

Sailing the nights away

Thanks again Cape Farewell. Reflecting back on what I have done, what I have seen and the people I have met, is absolutely amazing. People back at home are mesmerised at the whole experience.

It all starts here in terms of climate change, but I’m sure everyone will change the attitude and actions not only in primary schools but in there community.

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The Northern (Street) Lights

By Amy // Wednesday 26 Sep // 17:25:01 // View

It’s great to be home to see the gorgeous shine of the Northern Lights, well the street lights anyway. It’s ace to be home to see all my family and friends but I can’t help but feel empty. There’s no rocking me to sleep, there’s no Amy Love at night, there’s no tiny room to stay. It’s just all gone! The “Hello Darling” and “Dude” jokes don’t make sense, the sound of the glacier crying out, the fact that ice is slippy and photography is dangerous. These things can’t be shared with the guys back home as they could with you lot! It’s just not the same! I now have a different perspective of life than my friends, i’m going to have to share my thoughts and memories with them in detail. It will be all okay, I’ll spread the word because..Together we really can make that difference!
Amy-Love is always in the hearts, Keep smiling!

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