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By Akash // Monday 29 Oct // 22:27:49 // 1 Comment // View

Howdy Everyone

Just wanted to say one month until the conference and I cant wait to meet everyone again.

See you soon


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Art Project Finally Getting Under Way

By Jethro // Thursday 25 Oct // 11:29:23 // View

Hi everyone,

I can’t wait to see you all at the conference, I’m pretty sure I can make it but I have IT AS exams around then. My art project is going well, the bangin’ arctic tunes are being written thick and fast and as soon as everything gets unpacked from my recent move of house the art will be coming in aswell.

I hope everyone else is doing fine, I’ve been speaking to some of you but I haven’t heard from you all,

I’ll see you soon,


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Conference on 29 November

By Cape Farewell // Wednesday 24 Oct // 16:13:14 // View

Creative Partnerships are sponsoring a mini conference to evaluate and learn the lessons of CFYE 2007. This will take place on the 29th November in London. We hope that each school will send : the participant, the key co-ordinator, 1 member of the ground team.

We will be sending out an evaluation sheet very soon to help you prepare for the conference. We particularly want to invite teachers who have been Cape Farewell key co-ordinators to come along and share their thoughts with the conference.

Could you all let Colin know as a matter of urgency if you can make it! We know that Shona, Amelie, Doriana ( hopefully) and Rebecca Zalatan are preparing to come over from Canada, so we hope that you will try your very best.

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Being Back

By Hayley // Wednesday 24 Oct // 13:15:41 // 1 Comment // View

Hey guys,

I know that this is pretty late but i have been soo busy with course work and everything. I dont fell the same now that i am back i feel like a changed person and i hope that it has hanged every one in a good way too. When i arrived back in England i was just totally gobsmacked as it was so different to what we all experienced. I wish we were thee now and hope it would all start again. Leaving eveyone at the air port was tragic i didnt stop crying all th way home…

Well we have good news to look forward to now we have a meeting on the 29th November thank God. I really can’t wait so we can all discuss eachothers projects and how they are going. Also how every one has been and what you guys have been up to. I really miss you all terribly nd i am counting down the days until the 29th (which is pretty sad i no :-1) so ill see you soon lv ya all ldz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hayley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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News from germany:P

By Franziska // Wednesday 24 Oct // 08:56:34 // View

Hey guys!!!

I just wanted to tell you that here everything is fine. My art project is going on very well, today I have an important meeting. So I guess in december I can show my piece of art. thats brilliant.

i hope all of our porjects are going on as well as mine does.

we have holiday right now, i am enjoing it so much. school was more stressed than ever. i’m sorry that I write something new so late, but I was too busy.

I miss you all tons, and i’m doing a big album with a lot of pictures of the voyage. i have to crie sometimes when I look at all the amazing things we have done. it all seems to be so far away…

So now an other big thing: i did not get the email for the meeting in november… so amy told me about it and i have a lot of questions: first i am on an exchange with spain, it is until the 28th of november. so if you will buy the flight ticket for me, the best would be thursday morning.

I will call you tomorrow, so we can talk about everything!

so, i hope we all can see us in london again, i really miss you all.

auf wiedersehen, or byebybe from hamburg

franzi xxxxx

…my dad is missing you guys as well…he loved reading all the blogs and i guess he feeled like he was a part of this voyage as well…xD

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By Amy // Sunday 21 Oct // 20:55:50 // View

As much as i loved my time in the Arctic the last thing i wanted to do was write 4 paged essay about it! I just wanted to take my time slowly and you know, get used to reality a little bit, but no! My english  teacher dumped an essay on me the first day back. It’s taken up until now to complete so that’s why i haven’t blogged in a while!
    I think everyone feels the same right about now and we are all ready to return to wonderland sometime soon! I miss that place soooo much and you guys, i miss you loads! Waking up without you all seems strange. Becky’s not here to wake me up, Amelie’s not here to give me a massage, B’s not about to do my hair, Duncan and Joe aren’t around with the camera. I feel quite lonely at times!
   My art project is coming along and i have had a meeting with my drama teacher, she’s got some great ideas. Will keep you up to date with that! The poster of me still hasn’t been pulled down and surprisingly no one has give me a mustache yet, but there’s still time! Everything is going quite well up here so i hope all you guys are ok and everything is going ok for you too! Hope this reunion goes ahead so we can meet up again and SHARE THE LOVE!

Love you all so much!

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Mr Punjabi losing his huge amount of energy!!

By Akash // Monday 15 Oct // 17:42:46 // 2 Comments // View

Howdy Everyone,

                                 It is Mr Punjabi (Akash) here just thought I would tell you how my life is going well I did a few presentaions about my trip and some other things but the main thing I wanted to talk about was my energy which never seemed to end on the trip but now I think it will. I am now finding that I dont do and silly things and make people laugh no more because you guys are not here to experience it. But hopefully if I see you again I will be fully charged.

 See you soon…

Mr Punjabi—Beta

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Sadness and Gladness

By Jessica // Monday 15 Oct // 14:38:34 // 2 Comments // View


Sitting here in my classroom looking at the photos it seems like another life. Everything is so normal, and though I appreciate that life cannot be exciting all the time I wish it could be a bit more stimulating than this!!

I miss everyone, miss eating together, talking, exploring, sailing and learning together.

It really was a special experience and everyone involved is a very special person too!

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Life from a different perspective!!

By Amélie // Sunday 14 Oct // 03:39:16 // 2 Comments // View

Hi everyone,

 Its been approx. 3 weeks since we’ve made it back home.  I’m just starting to readjust to my normal daily life, well its definitely been changing.  I hope everyones not having too much of a hard time, going back to work or catching up in school subjects.  Life is seriously not the same anymore.  I wake up everyday to see that you guys aren’t there for our early breakfasts, or that nonie isn’t in the bottom bunk.

 Shona, Dorianna, Rebecca and I are going to saskatoon next weekend for the 8th International ACUNS Student Conference.  It should be really cool.  Students are going to be talking about global warming.  Its going to be really interesting to get their points of views.  Their topics might be harder than what we’re used to, but thats only going to increase our knowledge and understanding for climate change.  I’m really looking forward to it! 

Lately shona, i and our groundcrew did an interview with CTV television channel, that went supper well.  The groundcrews and us really got talking, I enjoyed it very much.

 On another notice, I’ve been looking at the greenland expedition, and I remember one thing that Vicky mentioned.  Everyday they see our names in black felt pens on the jackets and in a way we’re still their on the noorderlicht.  We’ve been travelling with them all away. 

I really miss everyone, our fun talks, hard core dancing, Dorianna and Liam on the dance floor, u guys had the moves.  Things here really aren’t the same.  It was hard at first, but now it gets easier.  I think that in a way city life brings stress.  Do you guys agree?  

I’ll be seeing everyone once again very soon, at the capefarewell reunion next month.  Till then, I’ll keep bloging, and posting everything up to date, c you soon.

 With all the love in the arctic


We’re All In This TOGETHER!!! 

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Still haven’t stopped talking about you guys!!

By Suba // Saturday 6 Oct // 10:49:46 // 3 Comments // View

Hey my lil bubbas,

I find myself thinking about you all every day!  I have moments where I smile, want to cry, or just laugh aloud when I think of our voyage!!   With every passing day the impact the experience has had on all your lives as well as mine becomes more apparent.  Your continuing blogs have been wonderful to read.

I think all my friends and family know you all so well through me!! I have still not stopped talking about you all.  I shed a few tears last night as I watched video footage and photographs of you all at the Cape Farewell exhibition at The South Bank Centre.

Keep up all the fantastic work you’re  doing in your schools.  It is very difficult to express the emotions you all felt  during the voyage but through your stories and photos and experience, you will all make a huge difference in your communities.  I am very sure of that.  You are an incredible bunch of young people who will go on to make a difference  where ever you are.

I miss you all dearly.  I have such warm, fond memories  that will stay with me forever!  All the best, my lil bubbas.

lots of love and hugs,


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