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By Amélie // Sunday 14 Oct // 03:39:16 // 2 Comments

Hi everyone,

 Its been approx. 3 weeks since we’ve made it back home.  I’m just starting to readjust to my normal daily life, well its definitely been changing.  I hope everyones not having too much of a hard time, going back to work or catching up in school subjects.  Life is seriously not the same anymore.  I wake up everyday to see that you guys aren’t there for our early breakfasts, or that nonie isn’t in the bottom bunk.

 Shona, Dorianna, Rebecca and I are going to saskatoon next weekend for the 8th International ACUNS Student Conference.  It should be really cool.  Students are going to be talking about global warming.  Its going to be really interesting to get their points of views.  Their topics might be harder than what we’re used to, but thats only going to increase our knowledge and understanding for climate change.  I’m really looking forward to it! 

Lately shona, i and our groundcrew did an interview with CTV television channel, that went supper well.  The groundcrews and us really got talking, I enjoyed it very much.

 On another notice, I’ve been looking at the greenland expedition, and I remember one thing that Vicky mentioned.  Everyday they see our names in black felt pens on the jackets and in a way we’re still their on the noorderlicht.  We’ve been travelling with them all away. 

I really miss everyone, our fun talks, hard core dancing, Dorianna and Liam on the dance floor, u guys had the moves.  Things here really aren’t the same.  It was hard at first, but now it gets easier.  I think that in a way city life brings stress.  Do you guys agree?  

I’ll be seeing everyone once again very soon, at the capefarewell reunion next month.  Till then, I’ll keep bloging, and posting everything up to date, c you soon.

 With all the love in the arctic


We’re All In This TOGETHER!!! 

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  1. Jessica Monday 15 Oct, 2007 // 12:36:35

    We sooooo are!!! Missing you too, Amelie! Living in a city is very stressful so many people and things invading your pesonalspace all the time and nowhere to go to be really peaceful and quiet! Everytime I work on my photos or do something to do with cape farewell I get a bit tearful as I so vividly rememebr everything and how amazing it was.
    You guys are truly special and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again. Am goign to Suba’s next week for dinner and Cloin, Keith and mark will also be there, be really nice to sae them all again, too.
    How’s the art project coming along?
    Big hugs and lotsa love!
    Jess xxxx

  2. AMYLOVE =] Saturday 20 Oct, 2007 // 20:31:11

    Hey Baby!
    I’m missing you so so much. I feel the exact same, waking up in the morinings to find my dog at the bottom of my bed isn’t quite the same as giving you guys the AMYLOVE every mornings. I miss it and i miss my Amélie. I love you loads Baby girl!

    It sounds like your doing well though so keep it up. Hope to see you at the reuninon with my butterfly that i kindly donated to you. This means that like the jackets with our names on, the crocs with my butterfly on will always be with you, even if i’m not. See, you really can’t split us up 🙂


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