Still haven’t stopped talking about you guys!!

By Suba // Saturday 6 Oct // 10:49:46 // 3 Comments

Hey my lil bubbas,

I find myself thinking about you all every day!  I have moments where I smile, want to cry, or just laugh aloud when I think of our voyage!!   With every passing day the impact the experience has had on all your lives as well as mine becomes more apparent.  Your continuing blogs have been wonderful to read.

I think all my friends and family know you all so well through me!! I have still not stopped talking about you all.  I shed a few tears last night as I watched video footage and photographs of you all at the Cape Farewell exhibition at The South Bank Centre.

Keep up all the fantastic work you’re  doing in your schools.  It is very difficult to express the emotions you all felt  during the voyage but through your stories and photos and experience, you will all make a huge difference in your communities.  I am very sure of that.  You are an incredible bunch of young people who will go on to make a difference  where ever you are.

I miss you all dearly.  I have such warm, fond memories  that will stay with me forever!  All the best, my lil bubbas.

lots of love and hugs,


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  1. Amy Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 11:25:13

    Hey SUB-SUB!

    I feel the exact same. I find myself looking back on the experiance not knowing what to do. Laugh, Cry, Smile.

    Thank You so much for opening up this new path in my life. With it I plan to try out many things. Without you I wouldn’t have had the chance to experiance what i did. Thank-You.

    I’m proud to be one of your lil bubbas!


  2. Akash Saturday 6 Oct, 2007 // 14:23:18

    Hi Sub
    I think that we all feel the same and you should get to meet all your lil bubbas again
    speak to you soon

  3. Jethro Wednesday 17 Oct, 2007 // 19:42:40

    I find myself thinking about everyone else aswell, including you Suba, it’s really wierd being home and I’ve had a dodgy time at home but thinking about the trip makes it all go away. I can’t wait to see everybody again, whenever that might be,
    Speak soon,

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