Upcoming Greenland Voyage

Greenland Voyage
23 September – 10 October 2007
Longyearbyen, Svalbard – Greenland – Iceland

When the Youth Expedition returns, Cape Farewell’s art and science voyage – its most ambitious expedition to date – attempts to sail the 78th parallel to eastern Greenland, a passage only made possible due to the melting sea ice. Taking over two weeks (23 September – 10 October), the expedition will cross the north Atlantic to the extreme frontline of climate change before sailing south to Scoresby Sund in Greenland.

This expedition brings together writer Vikram Seth, comedian Marcus Brigstocke, artists Amy Balkin, Kathy Barber, David Buckland, Beth Derbyshire, Dan Harvey, William Hunt, Vicky Long, Brian Jungen and journalist Benjamin Jervey. Dr Simon Boxall of the National Oceanography Centre and his team will continue monitoring the robustness of the Gulf Stream and a media team lead by acclaimed environmental photographer and filmmaker, Nick Cobbing, will document the expedition and the most recent impacts of climate change. 

The voyage will cross the Greenland Sea from Longyearbyen, Svalbard on the 78th parallel to the East Coast of Greenland. Sailing south, the schooner Noorderlicht will explore the coastal fjords and Scoresby Sund before crossing the Denmark Straits to complete the voyage in Akureyi, Iceland. The precise route will be determined by the level of melting sea ice. Contemporary satellite data already shows that ice extent in 2007 is the lowest ever recorded, a sign that climate change already has a hold in the region.

The expedition is made in the spirit of a truly joint endeavor between the international arts and science communities. Five nationalities are represented on board; the UK, US, Canada, India and Australia. The team will help sail the schooner through the seas that hold the key to understanding changes in our weather patterns and climate.

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