Broadcast schedule

Each day the 12 young people will be blogging about their personal experiences on the voyage – posting text and images from the Arctic direct to the website. Don’t forget to check back every day and see what’s been happening. As well as the regular blog posts the young people will each make 3 video broadcasts (read on for more on these video pieces).


  1. » Latest Video Reports

  1. » Friday 21st September

  1. » Thursday 20th September

  1. » Wednesday 19th September

  1. » Tuesday 18th September

  1. » Monday 17th September

  1. » Friday 14th September

  1. » Tuesday 11th September

About the video

1) Video promos

Available on the site from Tuesday 11th September, 11am GMT
All the information you need to support your chosen participant! An initial video piece made at the South Bank Centre workshops in which our participants will tell you when they will be broadcasting, and how to contact them while they’re away.

2) Video diary / Live QA

From Friday 14th – Friday 21st September
In a simple piece to camera from Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic, each of the 12 young people will record their responses to the voyage and respond to your questions. For 30 minutes after the scheduled broadcast they will be online to answer your questions.
Click for the full QA schedule »

3) Complete video report

Now available
The video reports, filmed and presented by each young person, follow the progress of their art and science projects up in Svalbard. Click to view all of the current video reports, including clips filmed earlier in 2007 in the lead-up to the voyage.