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During the voyage this page was open to post questions, comments and messages of support direct to the crew in the Arctic. Browse the messages received below. We also ran live Arctic QA sessions. Click to read the transcripts of the QA sessions.


  1. Moorhead Sports College Sunday 23 Sep, 2007 // 7:19:28

    hey dolly, i’m getting great at this web site, your dad (the computer wizz) is still struggling! been swimming eh!!! you nutter! lol bet it was as cold as that plunge pool at center parks!, enjoy your day today, last one eh :o( hope you’ve taken lots of photo’s, we’ll find away of getting the photo’s printed from this web site also. i’ve had grandad paul, aunty juju, and sharon & chris tellin me that your in the observer, i’m going to see jake today i’ll call in for a copy from ju ju’s can’t wait to have you home, feels like ages now since you’ve been gone. missing you loads now! wana cuddle up with my girl again!! love you loads, soooooooo, proud of you honey love mum, dad and jordy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. robert Sunday 23 Sep, 2007 // 16:09:40

    hi. nice blog . thanks.

  3. Marije Wednesday 26 Sep, 2007 // 17:22:24

    Hey Kath. Hope you managed to get some warm outfits! Good luck out there. Sounds like it is going well so far. We are enjoying a few weeks of calm here 😉 Keep us posted. Take care. mxx

  4. jimi goodwin Tuesday 2 Oct, 2007 // 17:37:23

    Hi Liam It’s jimi from the band Doves here.Hope your feeling better Lad.
    What a sensational adventure your all on !
    Good luck to everyone involved and enjoy .

    Love Doves

  5. Rita Smith Tuesday 9 Oct, 2007 // 12:29:45

    Quite a surprise. It makes you think more about the world that we live in. Very inspiring.

  6. Emmie de F Saturday 13 Oct, 2007 // 18:56:02

    dear nonie,
    its emmie from mount house!wow its amazing to see you in the arctic!how cold is it?i hope you don’t have frostbite!!!i watched your videos-you look great, very professional!!!!!!seeing polar bears must have been incredible-do they eat people???if so be careful!!!i saw morsey had commented-darling your’re famous!!!!!!
    have a fab time!!!!!!!!
    lots of love (and luck) emmiexxxxxx

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