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Amélie’s latest video reports

By Amélie // Friday 21 Dec // 15:28:23 // View

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Find out what Amélie has been up to since the voyage.

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Amélie reports from the voyage.

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Coming Home!!!

By Amélie // Sunday 23 Sep // 09:41:20 // 2 Comments // View

Hey ppl,
The adventure is coming to an end but the story will go on. The memories I’m bringing back will inspire many to the reality we are living in. Through this expedition I’ve experienced so much. My plankton research was really interesting, and I will continue to analyze my data once I get home, so that I can complete my conclusions. Planktons are fascinating creatures and like I mentioned before, I will be using their shapes and colors to create my mural.

I managed to get some really beautiful pics of planktons that are really bright, colorful, and vibrant. These photos were taken by a scientist that worked in The Kings Bay MarineBiology Lab in Ny Elesund. Dan the scientist who was aboard with us taught us so much about all aspects of features that the team and I have a more open minds about our surroundings.

I will forever remember.

We were there to learn, we were there to research, we were there to experiment and in the end we did conquer!

I will keep blogging to resume the whole expedition.

Keep blogging.
Peace, ¤Amelie¤ TTYL (talk to you later)

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Update from Franzi

By Franziska // Thursday 20 Sep // 09:32:42 // 4 Comments // View

Hey, ich bins wieder, diesmal aus Ny- Alesund!!! Ich hoffe euch zu Hause in Hamburg geht es gut, mir super!!! Das Wetter ist sehr durchwachsen, mal Sonne, mal Schnee, aber immer kalt. Die Sonnenuntergaenge hier sind echt schoen. Ich fuehle mich hier wie in einer anderen Welt, ohne Stress, Laerm und aehnliches…einfach toll… Gestern war ein cooler Tag. Er geban mit dem Untersuchen von Plantkon im Labor in Ny Alesund, wo ich viel neues erfahren habe…mehr seht ihr auf dem Video, das heut Abend reingestellt wird…wir hatten sehr viel Spass bei dem Untersuchen. Und nach dem Lunch sind wir SHOPPEN geggangen!!! Haha, hoert sich witzig an, aber hier ist wirklich ein grosser Shop, der noerdlichste der Welt. Da mussten wir natuerlich etwas kaufen, wie zum Bespiel Pullis, Caps und Postkarten. Dann wurde wieder ein bisschen geseglt. Wir segelten zu einem Gletscher, die sind so unglaublich schoen!!! Nur leider verschwinden sie mehr und mehr. Wir haben es jetzt schon sehr oft “live” miterlebt, wie ein grosser Teil des Gletschers abbricht, das ist unbeschreiblich. Er stuerzt ins Wasser, es gibt grosse Flutwellen, die Geraeusche sind angsteinfloessend. Auf dem Rueckweg von dem Gletscher haben wir eine Seerobbe gesehen, die auf einer Eisscholle sass. Wir konnten ganz dicht ranfahren und tolle Fotos machen(kommen bald in meinen Blog) Dann haben wir zwei Voegel bei einem Kampf, oder einer Paarung, wir waren uns nicht ganz sicher….:D beobachtet, und ganz viele Hirsche auf einem Feld gesehen!
Sonst ist hier auch alles super: Am Montag hatten wir eine grosse Party weil Suba Geburtstag hatte! Wir hatten so viel Spass! Alle sind so nett, wir verstehen uns super toll und haben auch schon Adressen ausgetauscht. Ich will hier gar nicht mehr weg!!!
Naja, morgen gehts dann auch schon wieder zurueck nach Longyearbyen, von da dann nach Oslo und London. Und dann wieder zu euch nach Hamburg!!!
Ich freu mich aber auch schon darauf, euch alle wieder zu sehen!!!!:D
Also bis bald in Hamburg, hab euch lieb xxxx



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Amelie on the bowsprit

By Amélie // Wednesday 19 Sep // 15:24:57 // View


Amelie on the Noorderlicht bowsprit.

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Password, “Darling”

By Amélie // Wednesday 19 Sep // 10:26:06 // View


Its been great here.  We’ve been working really hard.  Today as you probably already know I saw a reindeer from only approx.5 meters away. Too cool, and we did a dance.  If you look on the photos posted up on the web you notice that we’re all wearing blue hats, these hats represent creative partnership, back in London we had an interview with them it was really cool. They’re friendly ppl.  Also, we got interviewed several times by T4.  For those who have no ideal what T4 is, it’s a T.V. channel that is exactly like the cw11 or KTLA.  The shows supernatural, smallville, gilmoregirls, and one tree hill is on it.  It is my absolute favourite channel.  Anyhow back to the expedition, we’re getting along really well and I couldn’t hope for more .Last day we were asked to think up of a word that represents what we’ve been feeling through this exhibition and my word was FREEDOM.  The power to feel free is a gift.  There is no pressure, and best of all no expectations.  Ppl don’t judge you and you are not expected to be anything other than yourself.  Therefore, I’ve finally let my personality shine and I’m really happy.

I am enjoying every moment and I am not looking forward to the end of this expedition.  I would love for it to continue, because it has placed me in a realistic environment, in which I can learn and improve.

If anyone is wondering why my title is “Password, “Darling”” it is because everyone on board calls each other darling.  This is how close we’ve all become.

Who are all these darlings, there they are
The cape Farewell students, Liam, Ina, Franzi, Joe, Amy (love), Hayley, Shona, Akash, Jethro, Doriana, Nonie, and myself.
The Adults Cape Farewell, Colin, Suba, Jess, Keith, Mark, Joe, Duncan, Dan, Rebecca,
The Adults Boat Crew who have become part of the team, Anna, Christian, Barbarra, Renzkee, Gert

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Latest images from Svalbard

By Cape Farewell // Tuesday 18 Sep // 17:20:11 // 10 Comments // View


Latest images from the Arctic.

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Amélie’s Live Arctic QA

By Cape Farewell // Tuesday 18 Sep // 10:40:18 // 5 Comments // View

The Live QA session is now over  
Amélie’s Live Arctic QA Archive

Tues 18th Sept, 4.30pm GMT (now over view the arctive below)
Following Amélie’s video diary broadcast she was online live from the Arctic for 30 minutes. View the transcript below.
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Amélie’s video now live!

By Cape Farewell // Tuesday 18 Sep // 10:35:58 // View

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Tues 18th Sept, 4pm GMT (12noon Montreal)
Watch Amélie’s video diary, direct from Ny-Alesund, Svalbard. (Duration: 1:35 mins)

Thank you for all your initial questions! If you are a pupil at Chambly Academy join Amélie online for a quick QA at 4.30pm GMT (12.30pm Montreal). Follow the link below!
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Noorderlicht Sailor

By Amélie // Saturday 15 Sep // 21:00:46 // 3 Comments // View


Yesterday was a really awesome, cool, busy day. We met up with the kids in Longyearbyen, then we went souvenir shopping, and we started on our way to Ny Alesund, where we will be performing our scientific procedures. We stopped at Trygghamna. The sea was come and sweet until morning came. The waves shifted a bit. The following day we went for a long hike on an island next to Trygghamna. We walked for 2 hours and went back to shore. While on our walk we saw a few reindeer, some live, other dead. I was surprised to see that the whole shore was covered in rocks. A little further up the mountain we saw moss and plants growing. It takes approx. 20 years for a small cover of moss to appear. Finally when we went back to the boat and we saw 1 polar bear, from a reasonable distance. When we rang the bell everyone was rushing to the deck. Too funny. But when we finally got on deck we had to go back to our rooms to get our life jackets. I never imagined in my whole that I would be starring at a polar bear. Now I’ve seen everything, a black bear, a grizzly bear and last but not least a polar bear. Amazing.
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Sailing to Ny-Alesund

By Joe // Saturday 15 Sep // 19:02:58 // View


Akash takes tips from Gert, the Captain, on how to sail.


Liam and Amelie haul the sails, as the Noorderlicht sails up to Ny-Alesund. 

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