Coming Home!!!

By Amélie // Sunday 23 Sep // 09:41:20 // 2 Comments

Hey ppl,
The adventure is coming to an end but the story will go on. The memories I’m bringing back will inspire many to the reality we are living in. Through this expedition I’ve experienced so much. My plankton research was really interesting, and I will continue to analyze my data once I get home, so that I can complete my conclusions. Planktons are fascinating creatures and like I mentioned before, I will be using their shapes and colors to create my mural.

I managed to get some really beautiful pics of planktons that are really bright, colorful, and vibrant. These photos were taken by a scientist that worked in The Kings Bay MarineBiology Lab in Ny Elesund. Dan the scientist who was aboard with us taught us so much about all aspects of features that the team and I have a more open minds about our surroundings.

I will forever remember.

We were there to learn, we were there to research, we were there to experiment and in the end we did conquer!

I will keep blogging to resume the whole expedition.

Keep blogging.
Peace, ¤Amelie¤ TTYL (talk to you later)

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  1. Marjolijn Rose Wednesday 26 Sep, 2007 // 17:16:14

    Hello Amelie, I just talked to your Dad who is here in Kitimat and the very proud father told me about your wonderful adventure. What an opportunity. Always knew you were a very smart girl, but being chosen to do this, proves it. The video’s don’t load on my comp. here at work, but I will watch them at home with my husband Garry. By the way, have you been using your Spanish? That’s where you and I met, here in Kitimat in Spanish evening glasses. We have used it a bit on our trips to Mexico. Keep up the good work and I am sure I will see your name again in the future, you’ll go a long way. (Say also hi to your Mom and brother for me)

  2. Tobie Cossette Wednesday 28 Nov, 2007 // 14:45:43

    Bonjour Amélie,
    Je suis toujours en contac presque quotidien avec t’es grang-parents Marie et Yvan.Nous parlons de toi et je leur transmet des nouvelles et photos. Il semblerait que tu part pour une autre destination, alors pourrais-tu me donner de tes nouvelles courriel ou blog. Un ami Tobie

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