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Profile: Colin Izod

By Colin // Thursday 30 Aug // 10:40:45 // 2 Comments // View


Colin Izod (Project Director)
An ex English Teacher, Colin’s current day job is making broadcast TV and online media for education with his own company Big Heart Media.  On the first voyage in 2003 he helped to create Cape Farewell’s first educational resource – the GCSE Geography package  North To Svalbard and on the 2004 voyage the GCSE science resource Life in The Water. Taking a group of teenagers to Svalbard on the Noorderlicht has been an ambition ever since the first Cape Farewell voyage.

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Profile: Keith Brindle

By Keith // Tuesday 28 Aug // 11:25:47 // 1 Comment // View


Keith Brindle (Science Teacher)
Keith, Science Teacher at Frome Community College in Somerset, will work with mark to provide help to the pupils with their science projects.

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Profile: Rebecca Zalatan

By Rebecca // Friday 17 Aug // 11:21:31 // View


Rebecca Zalatan (Project Manager, British Council Canada)
Rebecca is a biogeographer with experience studying caribou in the Canadian Arctic. This 2007 voyage is just the beginning of Rebecca’s plans for Cape Farewell in Canada. In addition to accompanying Colin and Suba on their visits to the three Canadian schools, Rebecca is planning for another youth and climate change project in 2008 which will see a continuation of the British Council Canada’s involvement with Cape Farewell taken to another level. Watch this space!

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Profile: Jessica Burdett

By Jessica // Thursday 16 Aug // 11:30:17 // 2 Comments // View


Jessica Burdett (Art Teacher)
Jessica Burdett is the Head of Art at Kidbrooke High School in South London. She will work with artist Dan Harvey to provide inspiration and practical help to the pupils with their art projects.

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CarbonZero Donations launched

By Cape Farewell // Wednesday 15 Aug // 17:02:00 // View

We need your help!
The Cape Farewell team are committed to tackling the realities of climate change with a new and innovative agenda. In 2006 our exhibition of climate artworks attracted 279,864 visitors, our film, Art from the Arctic has been shown worldwide with the BBC and is now on Sundance TV, reaching over 12 million viewers to date. Radio broadcasts, the education program, the book (reviewed in Nature) and our award-winning website attest to our success. We work to a tight budget and make sure that every penny our charity receives works very hard.

Climate change will become ever more serious, it is a worldwide issue and it is human activity that is causing this crisis. We are all involved and we all need to become part of the solution, please help us to achieve our objectives and expand the Cape Farewell agenda.

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Profile: Mark Maslin

By Mark // Saturday 11 Aug // 11:24:22 // 2 Comments // View


Mark Maslin (Science Mentor)
Professor Mark Maslin is the Director of the UCL Environment Institute at University College London. He is a leading climatologist with particular expertise in past global and regional climatic change. Mark will be helping the pupils with their science projects and will lead a collective project related to recording data about weather and climate.

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Profile: Joe Chapman

By Joe // Friday 10 Aug // 11:34:01 // 5 Comments // View


Joe Chapman (Cameraman)
Joe was camera assistant on the 2004 voyage and now works as cameraman and technical manager at Big Heart Media.

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Profile: Duncan Harris

By Duncan // Friday 10 Aug // 11:31:59 // 1 Comment // View


Duncan Harris (Director/Editor)
Duncan went on the 2005 Cape Farewell voyage and has edited all the TV material produced so far by Cape Farewell, including David Hinton’s film for the BBC Art in the Arctic.

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Plankton and climate change

By Cape Farewell // Thursday 9 Aug // 13:08:57 // View

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Plankton are also important in the carbon cycles happening in the ocean and can be indicators of global warming. Find out more in footage filmed following the 2004 expedition. (Duration: 4:00 mins)

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Oceans and climate change

By Cape Farewell // Thursday 9 Aug // 13:00:57 // View

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Take a look at the oceans and currents around Svalbard, in footage filmed during the 2003 expedition. (Duration: 2:10 mins)

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